my son's singing career

I was going to put this in the Pit , but its not really a rant, sinc eits only directed at circumstances , which wouldn’t take it personally anyway.

A month ago, my son’s music teacher told him to try out for the City Childrens Choir, and he did and got in!
They travel to other schools performing, and will compete at SixFlags sometime this year (they havewon the last 3 years).

This was a good thing, as he thinks he’s not good at anything and does get mostly D’s on his last 2 report cards.

Well, the cost of uniforms and competition fees is about $80.
We are supposed to sell these things called zap=a-snacks (to relatives and friends only)to cover the costs.

Except that we have no relatives, except my parents, who wouldn’t give us that much (my father curses when we ask for bus money), no friends and no one to even ask to buy this stuff (which tastes pretty good).
So he may get kicked out of the Choir.
I am hoping not, cause its good for him and his self esteem and good to join school groups (I never joined anything).

Just wanted to rant here, more sad than mad, so its not in the B B Q pit.:frowning:

Have you discussed your situation with the choir director? Maybe they have some scholarships, or maybe your son could earn the money some other way.

Is your son expected to sell $80 in snacks or more than that?

Well, they are boxes of a: french bread pizzas (6 in a box for $12). The other 2 boxes are cinnamon rolls and pretzels.
My son would get $4 toward his dues from each box sold.
Wish us luck, we’re gonna have to go door to door.

Door-to-door. That’s how we did it when I was a kid. People at work will buy that crap, too. Good luck.

Oh, and ask the grocery store if your son can peddle his wares outside their door. I see those kids around all the time.

I have no job, so no one at work.

This is an excellent suggestion, as people like me (also called “suckers”) are apt to buy this stuff with their change in hand.

Is everything frozen that they’re selling? I gather that from the “zap” part of the name.

How things have changed! When I was younger, the prerequisite for joining such a choir was singing ability, not selling ability. :slight_smile:

Never mind, I understand. I like the idea of selling the stuff outside the doors of a business, but if I can make a suggestion, don’t do it outside the doors of a grocery store. You’re selling food; why would somebody buy more food outside of a food store?

Try liquor and beer stores, especially those in plaza locations. That way, you can get those going into the liquor and beer stores, as well as those passing by heading for the drugstore, the smoke shop, and so on.

I can’t speak for your location, but the liquor-and-beer-store approach seems to work around here for kids trying to raise money. Especially on Saturdays, when liquor and beer stores are busy, you’ll often see kids selling chocolate bars and such to raise money for their school band, Scout troop, sports team, and so on.

Anyway, no matter whether you go door-to-door or stake yourself out at the liquor store, good luck!

no, no liquor store!
we were expressly told not to sell to anyone we didn’t know personally.
I guess nowadays the price of unfiroms and competition has gone up.
The snacks will not come in til 2 weeks after the orders are sent in, so I just have a brochure to show people.
We will try a few neighbors but after that, theres just no point.
I’m trying to get him to not get his hopes up about this.

Did they tell you that there was a particular “goal” he had to reach? I know that although they encourage Girl Scouts to sell cookies, a little girl isn’t kicked out of her troop for not selling enough. Also, is it possible for you just to donate the $80? $80 actually sounds very reasonable for uniforms and competitions, and worth it if it helps your young Pavarotti in other areas of his life.



first let me point out that I am not a parent…so this is just some objective advice that I usually don’t like to share without being asked first.

How many kids are you raising? The reason I ask is simply to try to figure out how much extra time you have. I know that the task of raising a kid is very demanding. In fact, I have great respect for some couples who work full time while raising an infant. If you are still raising young kids, any decision you make about the situation is only compounded.

However, here is my take. You have been given an opportunity to give your son something that is more valuable than anything else besides love. You are giving him an opportunity to have an opportunity.

Now, you did not state the age of your son. It sounds like he’s too young to fully appreciate the extent of what he is about to attempt. If he keeps his interest in music long enough, it can be a great way to help pay college tuition down the road. Just because a child gets a music scholarship doesn’t mean that he has to grow up to be a musician.

What would I do as a parent? That is a tough question to answer. I only have experience in the matter because I grew up in a home that was similar (as has been expressed so far) to the one you provide.

This sounds like one of those great times to have a deep discussion with your son (which it sounds as if you already have). Try to find out how interested your son is in singing. Is he the kind of child that goes around the house singing relentlessly (as I did when I was a youngster)? Does he get into trouble in school because of his desire to sing (as I did when I was a youngster)? If your answer to these questions is even remotely “yes”, then I think it is your duty as a parent to try to fulfill the interestes of your child.

I urge you to see the movie Billy Madison. It is a very emotional work that is tied directly to this issue. If you think that you have a chance to improve your child’s chances in the world, then the only question is how you find the money. I understand that your time as a parent is valuable…but is it possible for you to find a part-time job (maybe only 8-10 hours a week) to help fund your child’s endeavors? Do you have any particular skills or crafts that can be used to your benefit? Do you have anything you can sell?

It sounds like it’s time to try to find out where your child’s interests are in areas that could possibly get him somewhere in life. The question to ask is not “what do you want to be when you grow up”?

It’s up to you to find the right questions.

Good luck.

I think you might mean Billy Elliot. There are some subtle differences in the content.

Pantology - LOL! That’s immediately what I thought. I love the movie Billy Elliot.


LOL…indeed I did.

Both great movies, by the way.

Oh my. I would if I could.
I am completely destitute.
I have $5 to my name. My father yells and curses if we ask him for $5 even.
It is supposed to be in by this Saturday.:frowning:

This is what happens when you cut arts funding from schools (assuming this is what happened in your case).

Sell only to friends and neighbors, etc.? How hare-brained is that? What the hell are they expecting these days? Did they give you a reason? Stuff like this really hits me, since such behavior is par for the course in my district. They assume everyone has deep pockets and/or a willingness to cut back at home for the sake of the school.

I had a friend in Band whose instructor said in a casual tone at the beginning of the year, “Take a $100 bill and write “Band” on it for buying mallets and sticks (have to be this kind), etc.”, stuff that would be used sporatically at best. Such is the attitude many school arts directors have.

I feel your pain. :frowning: :mad: