My Spring Skiing Accident!

Last ski trip of the year-a near disaster!
I was skiiing on a desrted trail, and although the sun had softened the corn snow on the right side of the trail, the left side (in shadow) was very icy. I was in the icy region, caught an edge, and went over. Both bindings released, and I slid down the slope-about 100 feet! It was really scarey-I was on my stomach, and tried to slow down (I got friction blisters on my fingertips, through the gloves).
I got up, very shaken, and climbed back to retrieve a ski and poles.
I really was scared-but nothing broken.
I amde three more runs…but I was still a bit shakey!

Glad nothing worse happened!


I’ve had a few falls, but never that bad. Glad to hear you came out of it OK!

My worst was when I separated a shoulder. It was about noon, and I told myself, “One last run, and I’ll go in for some lunch”. It turned out to be the last one. I lost both skis, and knew exactly what I had done to myself. The pain of a separated shoulder is very unique, I think, and I had done the same thing to the other shoulder years before. To make matters worse, I put my skis back on, and tried to ski down the rest of the way.

I fell again.


After that, I figured out that the universe was telling me that this was not a good day to stand on anything sloped and slippery. I walked off the hill, turned in my rental gear, and went to find my doctor.

Which mountain and which run?

It was Berkshire East-Wardance

At least your skis came off. I hit some ice in the late afternoon- after it had all day to melt, and then refreeze- at Wintergreen resort, and tumbled 100+ yards down Eagle Swoop. Stupid rentals stayed on the entire time, and I was a mess of equipment when I finally stopped. I can’t believe I didn’t break anything.

Cool story bra: When I was a kid we went skiing in Colorado, and I ran into Henry Winkler while we were there. Literally. Nobody was hurt, but I was embarrassed as hell that I hit The Fonz.

Good for you for making the three runs. It’s better to get right back and do a couple after a bad spill or you get really psyched out.

That’s how my ear got cut/ripped so badly. As a young hooligan, my buddy and I were horsing around quite stupidly and ended up going end over end over end in a tangled mass of idiot. His skis stayed on his feet and we think it was the edge of his ski that cut/caught my Dumbo ear. But it’s kind of hard to tell. All I really remember is getting up close and personal with his bindings. If felt like my head was kind of bouncing between his skis like they were the paddles in a really fast game of Pong. We figured if his skis had come off, it would have been less messy.

I’m glad you’re Ok, ralph.

Years ago I saw a coworker with her wrist in a cast. I asked her what happened, and she said she broke it while snowboarding. I didn’t see her again for several months. When I did, I commented that her wrist was taking a really long time to heal, as it was still in the cast. She that no, it was her other wrist, also broken while snowboarding.

Yeah, doing three more runs after a fall like that takes some testicular fortitude. I think I may have called it a day after the fall.

Thanks for the empathy. I was really scared-while hurtling down the slope, I thought-“this is it…I’m gonna die now!”.
It is frightening to be out of control-as i said, when I finally stopped, I just felt lucky to be alive.

Yep, I skiied my balls off on Peak 10 at Breckenridge all morning, then within 2 minutes of meeting up with my wife and ‘going green’ I fell on ice and separated mine too. Didn’t know what happened until I sat up and felt it grind back into place. Like you I skiied the rest of the day more cautiously, as if I had a glass ass.

Glad you’re okay, ralphie. I remember falling hard down a black high up A Basin, slid forever narrowly missing a huge boulder, poles and a ski scattered and the other ski missing altogether. The lift was nearby and I hear this older man with a thick German accent cry out “Zaaaat vaaaas SPECTAAAACULAR!”

Did everything feel all slow motion like?

Yes, it was slow motion-I must have been moving pretty fast though.
I just remember thinking…this isn’t how it should end!:eek:

I was in a ski class for intermediate skiing, and we watched a guy come down one of the steeper blue runs ass over tea kettle. It was like watching a cartoon of a dog & cat fighting, where the primary action is a white ball of motion with random objects flying outwards. He finally came to a rest about 30 yards from us, and the instructor skied over to him. He helped the guy up, who had no skis, no poles, no boots, one glove, and a big tear in his coat. The guy dusted himself off, screamed back up the hill, “I HATE YOU, YOU BITCH!!! F**K THIS!!” and stormed off down the hill (Which was at least another 1/2 mile or so to the bottom) in his sock feet, leaving all of his gear behind.

Being 12 or so, I thought that was the funniest damned thing I had ever seen.

This sounds eerily familiar. I have a friend who was in a bad car accident a couple of months ago. She pretty much said those exact words. She also said that it really changed her perspective on life.

ralph, has this changed you in any way?

Isn’t it weird when that happens? It’s like you become hyper-aware so your perception of time slows down. I fell out of a tree I was climbing as a kid and I remember it taking forever to hit the ground. I even remember thinking “What? I’m still not there yet?”

I was in a car accident years ago, and in the long, long space between knowing it was inevitable and impact, thinking about how our plans that night would be cancelled, and how the hell was I going to get to work on Monday.

Is that trail a groomed blue? I’m a bit surprised that you picked up so much speed on that type of trail. How were the black diamonds skiing that day?

This. I have a friend who broke - actually, shattered is a better word - both the fibula and tibia of one leg when his ski got caught in a rut and he fell forward rather than sideways. The ski didn’t release, and the boot pretty much caused the damage. Several pins and 2 metal plates later…well, he’s a little over 2 years post-accident and there’s still a gap in his bones that hasn’t completely healed. There will be another surgery later this year to remove one plate and hopefully he’ll regain some flexibility in his ankle. Thing is, he was on a rather easy slope, just working slowly on technique; he says he’d feel better about the accident if he’d been doing something stupid at the time!

Always the way though isn’t it? The unexpected catches you out.

If I’m slicing my way down an icy black I’m hyper-aware of the ice and prepared for it.

My worst crash ever was on a flat blue after a steep red, I was travelling quickly but with straight skis and gently weaving hither and thither, taking in the view. I hit a compression that had flattened out with a couple of foot of powder. I wasn’t ready for it all and face-planted.

ouch! (thankfully there only me on the mountain so no-one saw how stupid I looked)