My state lost a historic 132 year old landmark.

:frowning: :frowning: The Majestic Hotel was Arkansas’ biggest and best known Hot Springs landmark. My wife and I spent our honeymoon there in the early 80’s. Beautiful resort hotel and spa. Had distinctive green awnings.It drew big Hollywood celebrities, gangsters and a pro baseball team there in the 30’s. It flourished and expended in the 60’s. It had a long decline starting in the mid 80’s that resulted in its closing in 2006. There was a campaign to get it restored.

Huge fire has closed the chapter on this landmark. They’ll start tearing it down in a few days. A big part of my life gone. It’s going to be so strange visiting Hot Springs and not seeing it.

News: History of the hotel

News: the fire

News: Aftermath

The link to the Boston Red Sox and The Pittsburgh Pirates is very interesting. The Hotel’s history was something to be proud of.

I’ve watched channel 7’s lead news anchor, Scott Inman every weeknight for 15 years. This was the first time I can remember him personally reporting a story on location. He normally stays behind the anchor desk. Anchoring the 5,6 and 10 broadcasts.

It was a huge fire that took most of the evening and night to get under control.

aerial view

fire three cities fire departments joined to fight this fire. Thank goodness no one was inside. The firemen didn’t send anybody inside. The building was too old and dangerous to risk lives going in.

Theres still two other buildings (hotel annexes) built in the 60’s that are still ok. Vacant, but ok.