my stupid government!!! (long)

to prevent misunderstanding i would like to explain what i will mean when i say “disabled people” in this post:
“disabled people” are people that due to some physical disadvantage can not perform work like a normal person can.

here in iceland your disabled rating is given by a doctor after you have suffered an accident or something like that, if you are for example 25% disabled you recieve 25% of a given amount from the government insurance agency.

anyway, this amount was also reduced if your mate has a high income. recently the surpreme court in iceland verdict that the laws that allowed the government to reduce the disableds income because of his mates high income was against the constitution.

now a legislation has been agreed, and it contained…well following is a letter from the president of parlament to the president of the surpreme court:

"President of the surpreme court,

Garðar Gíslason. 23. january 2001

Because of the verdict of the surpreme court on the 19th of december 2000 in case nr 125/2000 the government has presented a legislation to change laws nr. 117/1993 about public insurances, with later changes. In the legislation it is planned that as before there might be a decresement in the amount of income the disabled will recieve because of his/hers mates income. During the presentation of the legislation to parlament there have been disputes about, if said verdict from the surpreme court had meant that in was in general against the constitution to have such an income connection. Which is why the president commitee of the parlament seeks an answer from the president of the surpreme court whether or not the verdict includes that conclusion.

Halldór Blöndal."

Reply from the president of the surpreme court:
"Presidental commitee of the parlament 23rd of january 2001. Regarding the letter from the 23rd of january 2001, where an answer from the president of the surpreme court is sought about the verdict of the surpreme court from the 19th of december in case nr. 125/2000, if income connection because of a mate like is said in the laws is in general against the constitution. it was verdict that it was against the constitution but the verdict does not include a position versus further discussion, in the light of that i must answer your question, no!

Garðar Gíslason."

it simply looks like a kid that runs to his mom to ask if he can go out and play because his dad said no.


right after the verdict the government assembled a commitee to interpet the verdict and to suggest ways to “follow” it.

now they are simply trying to rewrite the laws so they will be the same but not against the constitution.

bj0rn - the majority is stupid.

What? The Government is trying to get around the constitution?

And why do all the Capital Letters from your post seem to have rearranged themselves 4 lines from the bottom?

Not a day goes by that I, too, curse the smelly government of Iceland.

I hate the Icelandic government with all my heart! That´s why I moved to the People’s Republic of China, hehehe. :smiley:

Seriously, I had no idea there were other Icelanders here. How many of us are there? BUMB! this thread, if you’re from the “sker”!

— G. Hrafn

But, of course, this happens all the time (at least in the States). If the legislature wants to reach a particular end, but their attempt is found unconstitutional, it is very common for them to try again to find a way that is not unconstitutional. So what’s the problem?

It’s better to have the branches of government at odds with each other than in cahoots …


Are the writings you quoted the originals? Or are they translated?

Now, I haven’t been in Iceland for a while but I seem to recall that what people were really pissed about was the Prime Minister not being able to stand losing.

You see, he’s more like a king in Iceland than anything else, and does whatever he wants. He doesn’t get grilled in interviews, he doesn’t get uncomfortable questions even though everyone knows he’s up to no good. He’s just too powerful.

Then he started accusing the head of the Disabilities Union, Mr. Garðar Sverrisson (a personal friend of mine actually, so I’m a bit biased), of all kinds of incredible things. The whole thing went to the Supreme Court of Iceland and of course the PM said he’d abide by it’s ruling.

Then when the ruling came out against the Government, he changed his mind and decided he was going to win this thing, no matter what.

So, it’s more a matter of him not being bound by law and courts than anything else.

By the way, Mr. Garðar Sverrisson was voted “Man of the year” in Iceland recently, so it’s not like he doesn’t have the people with him!

FIGHT THE POWER! Oh, and I REALLY wanna hear from all you other Icelanders out there, how many are there?!?

— G. Raven

it was translated…

this is a very complicated and delicate subject. it involves the prime minister, personally…the president, personally…the surpreme court, as personally as possible…the parlament, the same and last but not the least the people in this country.

income connection like this is wrong because of this one simple reason:
if your income is reduced because of your mates income you have to rely on your mate for basic survival, you will become a nobody, unable to stand on your own two feet.

sadly but truthfully, our survival depends on how much money we have got…


Dude, I’m like, REALLY curious here.

Do you know about any more of us? If there’s anyone out there, please reply or start an “Icelanders” thread.

You haven’t even said hello to your countryman, Bj0rn! sniff sniff hurt feelings :wink:

I always sorta figured I was the only one, even back when I was only lurking…

— G. Raven

nokkrir íslendingar hafa vanið komur sínar á þessa vefsíðu, meðal þeirra má nefna; thorleifur, skupla, kjwise and hoe (ef ég man rétt, nenni ekki að athuga)…

og svona meðan ég man…komdu sæll kæri íslendingur, gaman að sjá þig hérna því við erum allt of fáir þó “góðmenntir”.

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