My Sugar Free NOS is no more!


I need my caffeine every day, do not enjoy coffee and only drink sugar free beverages. Sugar Free NOS was awesome because it was very carbonated (i.e. not flat) and was not overly sweet.

Alas Coca Cola decided to tweet the formula to create NOS Zero which tastes weak, very flat and has a gross after taste. :smack:

Now I am on a quest for another sugar free energy drink before caffeine withdraws set in!

Moving over to CS.

Drink Name Caffeine (mg/can) Sweetener type
Rockstar sugar-free 160 Ace-K, Sucralose
Rockstar Pink 120 Ace-K, Sucralose
Monster Zero Ultra 135 Sucralose,Ace-K
Go Girl Lemon Drop 100 Sucralose
Rockstar zero-carb 240 Ace-K, Sucralose
Monster lo carb 160 Sucralose, Ace-K
Java Monster 160 Sucralose
No Fear sugar free 154 Sucralose, Ace-K
Red Bull sugar free 80 Ace-K, Aspartame or Sucralose
Crunk sugar free 200 Sucralose
Sobe Adrenaline Rush sugar free 152 Sucralose, Ace-K
Venom low-carb 160 Sucralose, Ace-K
Go Girl 100 Sucralose
XS Energy (all flavors) 83 Ace-K, Sucralose
Full Throttle 144 Sucralose, Ace-K, Saccharin
Lady Pink ? Sucralose, Ace-K
Amp sugar free 160 Sucralose, Ace-K
Guru Lite 125 Cane Juice, Stevia, Luo han guo juice
Xyience Xenergy (full line) 200 Sucralose, Ace-K
Spike Shooter 300 Sucralose
Redline RTD & Princess 250 Sucralose
BAWLS Exxtra 150 Sucralose, Ace-K
Hype Enlite 80 Sugar, Sucralose, Ace-K
Monster Absolutely Zero 135 Ace k and Erythritoll
Monster Ultra Pink 135 Sucralose,Ace-K
Celsius Energy Drink 200 Sucralose
Liquid Ice Sugar Free 80 Sucralose
Wave Sugar Free ? Aspartame, Ace-K
Red Bull Total Zero 80 Aspartame, Sucralose, Ace-K
NOS Sugar Free 260 Sucralose, Ace-K
Cintron Tropical Azul 170 Sucralose, Ace-K
Roaring Lion Zero 161 ?

The aspartame ones taste too bitter to me so I avoid them

I have tried about half the drinks on that list and none taste like Sugar Free NOS. The others are just so damn sweet and I prefer a highly carbonated and much less sweet drink.

Just had a Monster Ultra Blue this morning and it tastes like freaking syrup! :mad:

The FDA is about to drop the hammer on a lot of these drinks - especially because the high caffeine coupled with high sweetness and “kiddie cool” marketing means that younger and younger drinkers are overconsuming caffeine.

I am all for the crack down. I am admittedly addicted to caffeine but I do not overdo it, never more than a single can a day and no other caffeine/soda.

Guess I did to just learn to like coffee.

Lots of choices here:

Or, consider something chewable?

When Celtling was between the ages of about 6 months - 3.5 years, I gave upand just swallowed a caffeine pill each morning. there was never any way to finish a up of coffee, and hot drinks around the house were just too dangerous.

Sugar-Free Not Otherwise Specified??