My sunflower seeds taste like gravel

I went out of my way today to go to the store and pick up sunflower seeds. I have a long night tonight editing a wedding video that I didn’t find out I have to do tonight until this afternoon. Because I’m an unemployed graduate I’m back with Ma and Pa which means I can’t just step outside and smoke when I need it. Thus, I keep a copious supply of sunflower seeds on hand.
But these seeds suck ass. BBQ flavored David-brand sunflower seeds have never been this bad. They’re coarse and they taste like petrified ass. I’m so very, very disappointed.

I’m curious as to how you know what either gravel or petrified ass tastes like.

I misread the thread title as “My sunflower seeds taste like grave!” Ew.

My ass is petrified of gravel.

Me too, Erin. I only would have expected that from Daisies.

There’s a major shortage of sunflower seeds this year. Maybe they’re passing off stuff that normally would have been discarded. I hope it’ll not force a cancellation or shortening of the ML Baseball season.

You’re supposed to take the sunflowers out of the ground, first. :smiley:
Or at least wash the roots.
I wonder–is the rest of the sunflower good to eat?
Can you make flour from the seeds?
If so, how does the bread taste?

Bah! Only fools do mock the proper flavor of sunflower seeds!


Giant type fonts.
<sips tea/adjusts monocle>
Whoever would do that?

Somewhere there is another thread titled, “My gravel tastes like sunflower seeds”…

You’re supposed to take the shells off first.