My Super Bargain of the Weekend

So I’m off to the library here in town on Saturday. Needed some new books and, since I’m saving $$ for my trip to New Orleans, the bookstore is out of the question so I’ll go to the free place.

Walk in the door and see that the “Book Burrow” (the library’s used book store) is having a Bag O’Books sale. One grocery bag full of books for $1.00. Figure I can throw down a single greenback, so I take a look-see.

Didn’t see anything I was super interested in (“Learn Word for DOS”, that kind of stuff). Found a hardback copy of Adam Bede* by George Eliot that I picked up but then…

I discovered that they had a couple boxes of records also on sale - all the records you can fit in a grocery bag for $2.00. Well, says I to myself, let’s see what they’ve got.

Hmmm, lots of early 80’s R&B (Rick James, Morris Day); most of it not really up my alley. Some country, some 60’s singers (Dion, etc). But hey! What’s this? A whole 2 boxes full of classical boxed sets!!! Be still my heart!!

Here’s what I got:
[li]Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue. Couldn’t find any more jazz stuff, doggone it![/li][li]The Complete String Quartets of Joseph Haydn 4 record set.[/li][li]* Four Complete Symphonies of Brahms (Symphonies 1-4)* 4 record set.[/li][li]Sacred and Secular Vocal Music 3 record set.[/li][li]Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 ‘Pathetique’ 2-3 records (can’t remember)[/li][li]Der Freischutz by Carl Maria Von Weber. Had to do a search on it today 'cause the entire opera booklet (the libretto-right word?) is completely in German (by Deutsche Grammaphone). 3-4 record set.[/li][li]Royal Family of Opera. 3-4 record set. Has various famous opera singers from (I’m guess based on the look of the pictures in the booklet) the late 50’s-early 60’s doing their famous pieces.[/li][li]Horowitz. 3 record set of his playing from various composers. [/ul][/li]
Oh happy day! I’ve found a new hobby. Hubby’s turntable works well (mine is stuck on 45 for some reason - clipped the wire from the 45 side of the switch but it still is stuck on that. You should hear it play Rhapsody in Blue. Terrifying!)

I put on Kenny Burrell last night and just felt so…cool. :slight_smile:

Wow, excellent selections! So, you still got one of them turntables, eh?

Yeah! Actually, I had one that came with the component system I bought in the military (it’s only 12 years old now! :eek: ), but the turntable always had some problems and I didn’t have any records anyway and just never got it fixed.

My hubby got one from his parents that actually has an 8-track player as part of the works! Funny - don’t know if it works 'cause we don’t have any 8-tracks.

It’s pretty fun. I listed to some a little more last night and felt very retro!

Yes, BunnyGirl you’ve found one of my favorite places to go to. I also donate books there.

Up until my recent move, I, too, had a turntable (gave it to a kid who helped us move since my SO had a system as well). If you want to get your system fixed, I may know where to get it done.

(I had/have one eight track - tubular bells…)

Where? I was thinking of Ceder Street Electronics, just cause they are close to home. Any place you recommend?

Don’t laugh but I bought an antique turntable in 2000, made around 1962, I think. Has a cute fuzzy platform where youput the record.