My Teenagers Part III

Well, so I let daughter #2 dye her hair jet black, shich, of course, she immediately hated. Then, yesterday, my wife and daughter decided to use some weird sort of hair lightening thing prior to dyeing it back to it’s original shade. BIG mistake. Daughter now has cheetah spots all over the damn place. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud when I first saw it. AND, since I want to go on having sex regularly with the wife, it’s a dman good thing that I didn’t.

In any case, they’re gonna go get two MORE treatments and redo it tonight. Sigh. I just know that I’m gonna end up having to pay some beauty salon big money to fix whatever the hell they’re doing.

Also, we got a kitten for daughter #2 which she then named Winkie! This cat is SO damn stupid. I believe that it’s trying to be a dog as it refuses to eat cat food or drink milk. It attacks the black lab and the collie all the time. The dogs aren’t quite sure what to think of this little furball climbing all over them.

Oh well, life goes on…


The dogs will figure it out.

As for your wife and kid, they are going to ruin the poor girl’s hair (if they haven’t already). Have them call the 800 help line number for what ever company made the dye/bleach. I’ll be on the side of the box.

Better yet…send them to a professional before they screw it up even furthur and have to cut all her hair off.

Well, the problem is that her NATURAL color is light brown, almost blonde and they dyed it jet black. Used two kits to do it. Now, for some reason, they thought that ONE lightener kit would change it back. I even SAID that they should probably get two, but I’m just a guy ya know :smiley:

I told daughter #2 that she could do whatever she wanted to with her hair as long as she didn’t dye it purple or something like that AND that any consequences were on HER head. I’m just gonna sit back and watch the two of them figure it out.

Nice to know :smiley:

What Sue said.

She’ll really really damage her hair… if she hasn’t already. I did the same thing during my teen years and I’m still seriously regretting it.

Also, don’t feed your cat milk… you’re just asking for a urinary infection or bladder crystals.

Last thing I’d want to see is your hairless daughter with a hurt little kitty.

First of all, they dyed her hair over two months ago and the original color is coming back a LOT and according to a hairdresser that my wife knows, it’s now okay to either re-dye or use lightener. What gets me is that they go about this in a sort of slap-dash fashion. Get the kit, rush through the directions and then get pissed when it doesn’t do what they expect. They then re-read the directions [duh] and see that you have to leave this stuff on her hair twice as long as they first thought since her hair is so dark.

What? Listen to me? A GUY??? It is to laugh…

In any case, if they don’t get it fixed tonight, she’ll be going to the beauty salon tomorrow :smiley:

I’m not totally heartless ya know.


When I was 15, I dyed my hair purple by accident. I was going for a lovely dark red but, alas, fuchsia was the result. It did fade into what I wanted (after many weeks), but I had some 'splaining to do at school.

Also, I did a lot of coloring/repairing bad color in college and by the time I got to the salon to fix what I’d done, cutting it off into a short bob was the only real option.

Rest assured that this will be a lesson in hairdos that your daughter #2 won’t ever ever forget.

Don’t know if the wife & daughter told you this, Xploder, but…

I’m the one that took Daughter #2 to the drugstore to buy the 2nd batch of hair dye. She bought it with the money I gave her after she babysat my kids last Friday.

I swear, the color looked fine on the box. I even made her stand next to the little hair thingies that hang on the shelf, to make sure the color was right! And she even talked to the checkout lady (who colors her own hair approximately every 20 minutes, I think). We all thought it was okay!

Sorry, man. Please don’t hate me. And pretty please don’t hate me because Mrs. X let me drive your car…

  1. Going from a dark color to a lighter shade is much more natural-looking and easier to maintain. This involves peroxide, which changes the pigmentation of the hair. Going from light to dark is more like painting the hair. It’s tricky to do, wears off quickly, and should be done by a professional if at all.

  2. Simetra and Sue are totally right in saying that it’s dangerous to do so many different things to hair in such a short time. It could get brittle and break off, or lose its nutrients and stop growing for a while. Worst case scenario is daughter #2 standing in the shower, holding her head and weeping over the pile of hair clumped up at her feet.

  3. I dyed my hair black in the fall of '94. Bad idea. In the first place, I missed a spot, so I had a copper streak on one side, which I valiantly tried to pass off as a fashion statement. It never looked real, nor did it maintain its shine and sleekness. The moment of truth was when I looked at my reflection in a car window and saw the red shining right through the black. And yes, I had it fixed professionally.

  4. Read the directions for gossakes! And did she do a strand test beforehand? You must do that with an unfamiliar product. Persephone, I applaud your caution, but the “little hair thingies” were created in a lab, and don’t account for the fact that everyone’s PH is different. No two people are going to get the exact same results from the same kit.

As someone who has dyed her hair jet-black before (much to the dismay of my mother, who thought it was just going to be dark-brown…and much to the delight of me)…wow! Your daughter was brave! Especially if she’s light-haired!
I had a blonde friend who also dyed her hair black around the same time I did mine. Hers looked “off,” whereas mine didn’t. I’m not exactly sure why.

Anyhow, everyone’s who told you that your daughter doesn’t need to do so many things to her hair at one time is right. My hairdresser insisted I wait at least a month between a perm and a dye job, to give the hair a chance to recover.

Get her to a stylist, fast. And from what I read, if I’m not totally off-base, a good conditioner’s going to be in order for a little while (don’t lighteners dry hair out?)

I disagree with that. In my experience, peroxide is easier to get wrong, and is less natural looking. I’ve been changing the colour of my hair for years (I’m naturally light mousy brown), and I’ve always found auburn, chocolate brown and dark golden brown easier to maintain than blonde and strawberry blonde.

In my opinion, the key to a natural and easy to maintain look is choosing a colour that goes with your skin and eye colouration (example - chocolate brown suits me, blue-black doesn’t). Not going too far from your natural colour helps, too.

A tip if you’re going considerably darker than your natural colour: Don’t dye your eyebrows, but do use an eyebrow pencil or brush in some suitable brown eyeshadow with a stiff brush.

I agree with everyone who has said that it’s really important to read the instructions on the packet before you start — and always do a strand test with a new product. It’s hard to be patient, but it’s worth it.

(warm dark brown with very natural warm gold highlights :))

*Originally posted by Tansu *

Huh. Well, according to your picture, auburn does work. I guess you know something I don’t! (But I still don’t want to go darker.)


Conversely, if you’re going lighter, use facial bleach, like for your upper lip, on your eyebrows.

Hehe. When I was 13 I died my hair kind of purply red. It quickly faded to just plain purple, which I had to deal with for a long time. It was really stupid all along, imagine if you will, a 13-year-old fat kid with Dana Scully hair color. Then it fades to purple. Hah!.

I later died my hair jet black, which I liked, but the whole family hated and bugged me about. I have since gone hippie, and wouldn’t dream of using any product beyond shampoo in my ever-lengthening hair. That means no hairspray, mousse, gel, whatever. As a result I have incredibly healthy, long wavy locks. Yeeha. They’re brown, as if you care.