My Tetons are still Grand

You may remember a few weeks ago in this thread my loving husband wishing me good luck.

Well, as it turns out, it wasn’t all good. The Dr. found a blip on the Tetons de Jones and wanted a closer look.

So this morning at 8:00 I went for another mammogram to take a closer look. Closer look means squish the girls harder 'til it takes your breath away and makes you want to scream in pain.

At least they don’t have to squish for quite as long so it was only 10 seconds of blinding pain (x4 two views per teton)

In the end all is well and the tetons are still grand. Nothing to worry about. The blip on my radar is, well, nothing special.

I thought you’d want to know. :slight_smile:

Just so your first reply isn’t a request for photographic proof . . .


Bus wife went through the same kind of thing just a couple months back. The first shots showed “spots” that looked like calcification (I thought, what? I left a piece of tooth in there??). Nothing to worry about they said usually, BUT, we’ll want to do this little biopsy to make sure.

Longest three days of her life waiting for the results, but all is well. She got the news at work, and played it cool til she was home and got mercilessly drunk.

Happy to hear the good news!

Although, yeah pictures would…oh never mind, I’ll behave myself.

Ok…I’ll do it…

Personally, I prefer women with Petite Tetons.

Congratulations on the good outcome.

[sub]My ex-g/f – who had petite tetons, BTW – works at Cedars Sinai as a scheduler. She’d often get calls from people wanting to schedule ‘mammiograms’. What an image! :stuck_out_tongue: [/sub]

Would those be Petetons? :slight_smile:

Congrats, velvet. Never thought you’d hear that about a mammogram, huh? And I totally heard the thread title in the “Hi, I’m Velvet Jones” voice.

My Mom went through the same thing recently, we were both wrecks. Glad it worked out good for you.

Thanks you guys. I tried not to think of the possibilities and consoled myself on the way with the fact that no one in my immediate family has had breast cancer. Still I had some serious butterflies on my way there.

So sorry that I can’t provide pictographic evidence. You’ll just have to take Mr. Jones’ word for it on their grandiosity.

Yes, I am planning on getting pleasantly mellow with some very nice wine tonight as a reward for my trauma.