My thumb hurts

Early yesterday evening, I was sipping my first dose of Irish penicillin while peeling potatoes for au gratin. (They turned out wonderfully, BTW.) I don’t like to take out potato eyes with the peeler, since I usually take too much potato flesh along with them, so after the peels were removed, I gouged the eyes out with my thumbnail. Bad idea, I know, but I don’t the whiskey itself made the decision for me; I was just impatient to get out of the kitchen, join the others in watching In the Name of the Father, and start drinking for real.

In any event, I pushed the skin under my thumbnail too far back, and there’s a wall of potato skin under it.

It hurts.

So what should I do? Get a nail file and extract the foreign substance, causing more pain, or just wait a day or two for the nail to move forward? Or is there another solution?

As I said, it hurts, and I need to be able to use my right thumb. [Charlie Brown]Besides that, it wasn’t a finger; it was my THUMB![/Charlie Brown]

P.S. ITNOTF is pretty raw. I was glad when we moved on to The Snapper.

Ouch! I’m a masochist, so take the following advice with a grain of salt (and NOT under any fingernails!)…

I’d start carving it out with a nail file!

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice, Astro, but that might push the dirt further in.

It doesn’t hurt so much now (after all, I was drunk when I made the OP), so I can wait a few days for it to come out on its own.