My TV just upped and died

After a long day at work I was destressing on Wii Sports Resort, trying unsuccessfully to beat the table tennis champion. Suddenly instead of a cartoon figure that vaguely resembles me bashing a ball across a table, I see a weird pattern of coloured bars, and hear the sound of me losing the point.

“Ah crap,” I think, “I’ve killed the Wii.” But no, I appear to have killed the TV; or at least it’s committed suicide. :frowning:

Perhaps this is nature’s way of telling me to go outside and get some real exercise.
Or to upgrade to HD.

It’s Marketing’s way of telling you to go out and buy a new 3D HDTV. :slight_smile:

First, I’m going to try the “switch it off and leave it overnight” fix, and if that fails I shall apply a little light percussive maintenance.

My not quite six year old HDTV died on Saturday. More precisely, the lamp went out in it. Those lamps are freakin’ spendy, but better than trying to buy a new TV.

I wish I would have known those stupid lamps are only supposed to last three to five years. I would never have bought that stupid TV otherwise.

After twenty years, he still grieves.

You can stop mourning now. Like Lazarus from the tomb, my telly has been reborn. For the time being, at least…

My Plasma is on its last legs. Faults are starting to spring up randomly. So far none have been permanent, but it’s only a matter of time.

Luckily I can get a decent HDTV for about a quarter of what I paid for this one, so it will be seriously inconvenient, but not completely disastrous.

Taters, that was a design point—when you replace the lamp, it is basicly a new TV. Of course, we never figured that 1080P would be the norm so fast…
And 47" 1080p 120Hz sets would be sub $900 so fast…

Vorlon, my TV is a Sony Wega. Call me stupid, but I can’t remember if it’s a 50 inch or 55 inch. I need to look at the model number on the back so I can ensure I order the right lamp.

Imagine my dismay when I ran across a consumer website that had 47 pages of complaints about these TVs.:frowning: When we bought that TV, Sony was the brand to buy.

At any rate, I’m not in a huge hurry to fix it. I’ll get the lamp, eventually. I’ve missed some “veg” time, but on the other hand, it’s not a huge deal.

The one thing that will suck though is not being able to plug the i-Pod into it for music. We usually plug the i-Pod in when we entertain so we have some music.

When my TV died a couple of years ago, I did a little dance (it was an older Sony) and went out and bought a DLP set. I bought a three year warranty since it was cheaper than a new bulb. Already replaced the bulb once and am planning on the bulb “failing” again about a month from the end of the warranty.

My TV is past warranty. Like I said, it’s almost six years old. I was stupid for not being more knowledgeable about my TV. Had I know this, I would have had a “failing” lamp before the warranty expired.

Live and learn, live and learn…

Taters, if it is in the budget, look at Visio sets—I have the 47" from last years run, and it is impressive for not much cash. We first strong armed my mother into getting one, and she went from being dead set against a large set to sinking down in the chair with a “Wow” in seconds flat.

The latest tech is useing LED’s insted of a floresent tube inside—thiner, longer lasting and eats less power, at a mild premium for up front cost.

Well, MY TV beats all of yours. It’s a big old JVC that apparently came with the house some 20 years ago and its STILL WORKING, in a way. The on/off button doesn’t work, so we have to plug it into the wall socket/unplug to turn on and off. There’s an old VCR sitting on top of it, which is how we turn the station, by changing channels via the VCR. So it works, after a fashion. It’s down in the basement and when it expires, will probably stay there; it weighs a ton and it’s getting harder to find a place that takes dead TVs.

Our living room tv looks like a fancy crate with a screen. The TV in my fathers room is a 60 something inch sony (maybe 70 something, i dont really know.) It consumes most of one wall, and was his birthday present to himself.

I recall my TV for 13 years, I went out and got a converter box for it. And wouldn’t you know it, a month later it died. So I had to buy a new digital TV anyway. Isn’t that they way it goes <sigh>

You can have my super awesome 37" Toshiba crt tv (that is now hopelessly obsolete) for free if you and about three burly guys can lug it out of the house.

It upped before it died? What was that like?