My two cents, literally....

I was going through my coin drawer today and I found two pennies made in 1929 and 1944. Does anyone know if these penny are worth more than $.01? I mean, are they worth anything to people who collects coins?

It depends on their condition. If you get a coin price guide, you’ll find that only the coins in very good condition are worth substantially more than face value. I don’t have a guide in front of me, but I feel confident in guessing that they wouldn’t be worth more than 25 to 50 cents each. Now, if they were in mint condition, or uncirculated, they might fetch as much as 5 bucks.

If you were planning on retiring from the proceeds of the sale of these two pennies, I’d reconsider.

OTOH, if you find a copper penny from 1943, send it to me :slight_smile: my mom was born that year and I’d like to surprise her for her next birthday. :wink:

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Guy Propski:

Very good condition? Well, it’s kind of hard to see the date since both of them seem worn out. I guess they’re considered “fair” conditions, which mean anyone wouldn’t buy them for more than a nickel.


I was reading the price guides today and I think they said that 1943 copper pennies are the rarest of all the coins, since most of them made in that year was made from steel. I’ll check if that’s the right year. And no, I don’t have one from 1943. Sorry.

what about a dime that I found that appears to have been stamped wrong, it seems as though one side is a little thinner (which I know is common) but the rim on the other side seems to be really high (at least enough for me to notice it when a customer handed it to me)

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According to this price guide, my 1922 penny is worth between $320 and $1300! :frowning: Damn, and mines are almost considered trash. I better have a little trip to the coin shop to see what they say.

Joey P:

It looks like what you have is an error coin, which may be worth a little more. Try selling it on ebay, they buy anything weird and unusual.

That is, if I had a 1922 penny, but instead I have a 1929 penny. :frowning: sorry

Ugh, that would make it worth…

$40.00 Not bad.

Hey that reminds me; a friend of mine found this penny from 1973 (I think… I know it was 197-something) and says he heard that the U.S.Government only made a certain number of pennies that year because of some financial thing and that it’s worth like a billion dollars or something. I told him he was full of shit but he’s pretty adamant about it. Anybody else heard of this??

Alright, I went to the coin dealer today, and here’s what he gave me for the pennies…

$3.00 for the 1929 penny
$1.00 for the 1944 penny

$4.00. Eh, better than 2 cents :wink:


Yeah, your friend is full of it. Although, he might be talking about some collector edition or comemorative pennies not released to the public and only available in one of those ‘collections’ put together by the mint. No coin can be worth more than $50,000.

A friend of mine owns a home in France, and we went there last summer. When we were looking through a jar of centimes for money to ride to the beach, she found a coin dated pre-French Revolution (I think it might’ve even been pre-American Revolution). Anybody know where I can find a pricing guide for French coins?

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Oh, nevermind, I found the foreign coins section on the guide linked by Louie.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
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Glad I can help. :slight_smile: