My two to the power seventh post!

Allright! A new car AND my 128[sup]th[/sup] post. And tonight I also get to see one of my best friends embarrass himself in front of 200+ people. (He’s doing an amateur stand-up for a children’s benefit. Any stuff that’s funny is obviously mine.)

Let’s see if I can get that post count up to 2[sup]8[/sup].

So I’m a complete and total computer freak. Byte (hah!) me.

I am trying to feel happy for you, SG, but I am finding it hard as your postal system has crushed all of my hopes and dreams. Maybe next week…sniff.

And is that the same friend who didn’t have the time to help me? Screw him.

I am very bitter.


But I still have a secret crush on you. :smiley:

What kind of car did you get? I love it when other people get new cars. I get to enjoy seeing them on the road (they are so beautiful, like huge jewels) and I don’t have to pay new car payments, higher tabs and insurance. So you are doing the rest of us a public service.

Have fun at the childrens’ benefit!


tatertot: The same one. I’ll tell him you said hi. :wink: And don’t worry: your post count will be 2[sup]11[/sup] pretty soon…

[sup]And I’m relieved you’re keeping that crush on me a secret, seeing as your hubby has military connections. ::watching the skies::[/sup]

Spider Woman: It’s a Toyota Avensis, further directions can be found here. Glad to be of service. :slight_smile:

Congrats, SkinnyGuy! I rarely read this kind of thread, but since I think you’re one funny bloke, I’m even gonna post to it! :smiley:

Either that or I’m just padding my post count.

Does my fawning technique need improvement? :wink:

::Launches strike fighter force en route to SkinnyGuy’s locale in support of my wingnut buddy::

Yeah, but it seems you both work for the same place, so…:wink:

And Globey I told you to cut that darn fawning out!
<shudder> I don’t care who it’s for, fawning is never, ever okay!

Good for you.

{I’ll applaud your oddball number.
But you owe me one. :D}

Happy 128 SkinnyGuy!

Happy 128?

Cool looking car! I’ve got a Celica, used, which I like a lot. I don’t think they sell the Avensis here in the States. Must be something like the Corolla, or maybe the Echo. And congrats on the post count, too!