My Van is in the shop and Deja Vu

This will make sense…

So, sunday after church, we went by the store and came home. What with the kids being asleep in the van, my wife and I were talking, enjoying the good ac, when all of a suddend POOF, cloud of smoke. Wife yells to turn the van off, I do, pop the hood and head around to check under the hood. Get there just in time to see a tendril of smoke coming from the radiator fan motor. Yeah, it died a horrible death. So, we get a new one, and with help from Dad and brother in law and brother, we put it in. No problem, hooked up good. Except it still won’t come on. We have no luck, so my brother in law brings his electrical tester over after work Monday, and discovers that the fuseable link is blown and melted too. Ugh.
So I go to the local shop to get it fixed. Guy I’m talking to laughs, takes me to the back of the shop where there is a 92 Grand Voyager, hood up. “First one this morning” he said. I look under the hood, same thing! Blown and melted fuseable link. Same thing for the lincoln. Odd, eh?

Sounds like they need to do a recall if the same problem is happening over and over. Make sure to keep all your receipts, and if they do, they will give you a refund on all the work you’ve had done.

Whoah, whoah, and whoah.

You took your vehicle to the shop to replace a fusible link?

Okay. ::stifles giggle::


Okay, I suppose I should explain. A fusible link is just that, a fuse. It’s SUPPOSED to blow and melt if there’s an electricla problem associated with whatever it’s connected to.

The reason I’m giggling at you is because you can buy a replacement from the store for like, $.99. You just unbolt one end from the frame, unclip the other end from whatever it’s attached to, attach the end of the new one, and bolt the other side back down again.

Not even a five minute job. And you paid someone to do that?

Anyways, ultress, the reason there’s no recall is because it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s like recalling a fuse for popping when a short happens. And electric fans go out, alot, on high(er) mileage cars.

Sorry if I sounded like a dick in the other post.


Considering it was part of a wiring harness and I have no clue how to work on things like this, I thought for at least the first time I was better off letting someone else do it. Maybe I can do it the second time. :slight_smile:

btw – didn’t take them long, and it runs fine now.