My vote counted; and its going to be re-counted

For all those who say they don’t vote because their vote doesn’t matter anyway, I just have to say I am so proud that I voted here in Florida. My vote truly DOES count!!!

Ironic that the future of the US and by extension the planet should be decided by a state full of geriatrics and drug barons.

Being neither geriatric nor a drug baron, I suppose I should be indignant by your characterization… but I have little use for the opinions of those who spout gross generalizations.

and college students, lawyers, doctors, soccer moms, house painters, firemen, and school teachers.

In other words, lay off the stereotypes. :rolleyes:

… and people who need to calm down a bit before we end up in the pit.

Now that was an intelligent comment. Did you have a coked-up grandmother from Florida who mistreated you at one time?

Same here. :slight_smile: I’m glad to see that my vote is making a difference, no matter what the outcome.

Just a guess here, but is it possible tracer was joking? If the race were close in California, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone commented on the outcome depending on coke fiends and flakes.

tracer, you might want to put a :wink: after jokes.


Sorry, I forgot you Americans have trouble with sarcasm when it is not spelled out for you :wink: (now thats stereotyping for you)

On a more serious note does it not strike anyone as odd that a Florida vote should count for more than a vote from another state just because of demographics?

Are you serious? The only reason it appears that Florida votes count more is that the race is so close. Had it been a rout in either direction, the world would not be watching now.
Or was that more sarcasm??

My point is that the Democrat voter (for the sake of argument) in a predominantly Republican state has no influence on the outcome and is poorly served by the electoral process. A voter in Florida this election wields much more influence with their vote. In a truly fair (dare I say democratic?) system each vote counts the same.

-SOB- it is all my fault. I didn’t register. I even went to the polling place to make sure I couln’t vote! -sob- If Gore loses it will be all my fault… I’m even in Florida… I knew it owuld be all my fault. Just watch when they re-count. It will be off by opne vote. -sob- I’m sorry Al, I’m so sorry :fleeing the room:

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