My wager with Bricker, or Why Bricker is a Good Man

Way back in June, Bricker and I had a friendly wager on Anthony Kennedy’s, thusly:

What followed, of course, was the Kavanaugh hearings, a solid mess all around. I lost the wager. Before I lost the wager, however, Bricker contacted me with a PM that I shall not share without his permission. The substance was that he did not feel it right to win the bet under such circumstances. He proposed a shift of the bet: the loser to pay $50 to RAINN. I was happy to agree.

I shall always remember Bricker’s outreach and well-thought adjustment to the terms.

Aspersions, if any, in this thread should be cast at me. Bricker is due only commendation.

With apologies to Bricker for the delay in posting.

Nice update.

Why is SunnyDaze a good woman? Y’all both did good!

I don’t understand what “circumstances” were unfair. If anything the Kavanaugh show helped you and could have helped you win the bet. The confirmation was delayed closer to the agreed upon date, and but for two votes and/or a few more damaging details, you would have certainly won.

I think the idea is more along the lines of “it’s gross to celebrate an allegation of drunken sexual misconduct with alcohol”.

I dislike his politics, and find his debating style to be at times pettyfogging and overly legalistic, but I’ve never gotten the sense that Bricker was anything other than a decent human being and pretty solid guy.

Heavy stuff. Troubling, unspeakable, not shocking.