My weekend, how many things can go wrong....

1)Burn After Reading was at the top of my netflix list. I forgot to double check it when I sent in my last DVD and didn’t know there was a ‘short wait’ so I got number 2 on my list…Marty. It’s been on my list since I watched Quizshow a few years back. That’s okay, I’ll watch it anyways.

2)I tried to watch Marty, but my DVD player stopped working. That would be the third DVD player in 4 (5?) years. And these arn’t cheapo DVD players. The first one was a Sony that worked great for years, the second one was what I though a high end Denon. It worked great, but I never really liked it. Then one day it stopped sending video through the component outputs. This one is a 5 disc Sony. It locks up randomly, I guess I’ll have to get another one.

3)It was raining, I was exiting the freeway, as I got to the bottom of the ramp at a redlight, I noticed my wipers weren’t moving any more. Hmmm, maybe I bumped the lever, I tried the lever, nothing happened, then I noticed the were stopped in the middle of the window. Oh, maybe I forgot to hit the clutch and konked the engine out. Nope, still running. I tried the switch a few more times and only heard a grinding. I tried it on high speed and they started going again, but each time I turned them off they stopped in the middle, but each time there were a few degrees higher. After a hitting the mist selection a few times they made there way to the top and now that’s were they stay. At least they still work, at least they should be covered under the warranty.

4)This morning, about an hour before I had to wake up, I woke up anyways and had to use the bathroom, on the way to the bathroom I stepped in a puddle, probably from the dogs coming in from the snow. I went to the bathroom, then stopped in the other bathroom to put on a different sock before going back to bed. (Yeah, I wear socks to bed, wanna fight about it). As I sitting down changing socks I suddenly heard water start running. Hmmm, maybe it’s just a noise from the furnace. So I sit there half asleep waiting for the furnace to turn off, it turns off, still hear water running. Maybe the wife just started a load of laundry, nope she still asleep. I make my way to the basement and see water and steam pouring out the bottom of the water heater. Oh, that can’t be good. Shut off the water to the heater and go back to bed. I spent my day replacing the water heater. Almost good as new. There’s just one little tine itsy bitsy leak on one of the unions. Grrr, becuase of the location it’s going to involve removing and rebuilding an entire section of copper.
I like to believe The Force is what caused me to step in that puddle. If I hadn’t been changing my sock as the water heater blew, I would have woken up to that sound and possible not noticed it until hours later when I would probably have gone down to the basement for the first time. Not only would that mean a lot of lost water but also less time to hit the hardware store to get a new one (and the obligatory second and third trips back to the hardware store since the universe doesn’t allow you to get all the items you need in one try when plumbing is involved, electrical work yes, plumbing no)

Good the wipers stopped AFTER you exited the freeway.

Good time to buy a DVD player - there are lots of sales right now.

Good you check the hot water heater.

I think you had a good weekend.

I agree that actually worked out better for you than it really could have!

But I know what you mean, when it rains it pours. Keep your chin up and socks on. (I sleep with a pillow under and on top of my head)