My wife can see my Google searches on her smart phone

My wife uses her Galaxy S3 a lot in the house and connects to our network that our PC is on to access the internet. Today she told me that she can see what my Google searches are on her S3. How can I stop this info from showing on her device?

Is the connecting to the wireless router or to the PC? Most likely the router but I cannot think how that would allow her to see info from the PC. Seems like a really strange setup to say the least.

Sounds like you’re using Google while logged in to her Google Account, which is probably also on her phone.

Log in to your own Google account (or log out of hers), turn off search history for her account (if she doesn’t care), or use Bing (it’s pretty).

What astro means is this: Take a look at the Google search screen, and look carefully at the top-right corner. You’ll probably see the name with which you’re logged in to Google with. Google will save the searches made with that name. If the same name appears both on your PC and her phone, that would explain it, because Google thinks the same person is doing it, and you’ll need to log her off of the PC so that your searches don’t get saved under her name.

Alternatively, maybe you once logged on to Google on her phone, and neglected to log out. That would also do it.

Ahh, yes, she was logged into Google on the PC. I signed her out- I’ll Google something now and ask if she can still see what I searched for. Thanks!

Also maybe stop looking for so much porn so it wouldn’t be an issue

Can you translate that for me? That sounds like complete gibberish to me.

Its a joke ;p Don’t be so serious

Loach was joking right back. :wink:

I was kind of wondering that myself, though - why do you care if she sees them?

Christmas gifts, maybe :smiley:


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