My wife has morning sickness...

…all the time.

She is pregnant BTW.

Poor thing has been on the very verge of throwing up for almost 2 weeks. Its not just in the morning, its every waking minute. This Saturday she will be 7 weeks pregnant.

How can morning sickness be alleviated?

Some tips here.

Also, consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

I had hyperemesis (pregnancy sickness from hell) with both pregnancies. The tips mentioned in Ice Wolf’s link work for many women with mild cases, but your wife may have to try several of these before she finds something that gives her some relief. Having said that, I’ll add that very sour lemonade and salty pretzel sticks (together) helped me quite a bit, as did ginger cookies sometimes. But I still had to go on medication.

If she’d just nauseated and uncomfortable, that’s unfortunate but normal. The good news is that it does go away by itself in that case! If, however, she’s actually throwing up several times a day, then her doctor needs to know about that now because that can lead to dehydration.

Good luck and congratulations!

My wife had some success with ginger tea. It didn’t make it go away, but she was at least able to eat and keep the food down.

As the other posters said, if it’s really bad, consult a physician.

Congratulations. Look under ‘hyperemesis’ or ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’ for some ideas about management options. It sounds like she is miserable and I hope it is over soon. I’ve seen women so sick that they cannot tolerate their own saliva and have to be hospitalized with central line feedings. You should probably not tell your wife that, though. Usually ‘it could be worse’ stories are not helpful or comforting!

When I was pregnant, hunger was the big trigger for “morning” sickness. In the beginning, I avoided eating for several hours while travelling because I thought it would make me less likely to throw up. Wrong! I got so hungry that I puked as soon as we reached our destination.
Make sure she eats, even if she’s afraid it will make her feel worse.
As for normal pregnant nausea, various teas always helped me immensely. Also, eating something small before you get out of bed can do wonders. Even if it’s just some saltines or just a piece of toast.