My wife just wrecked a couple more cars

I wouldn’t buy her another car, or a pack of gum, for that matter.

I’m sure that’s a big consolation to the people around her who will become victims of her spazzing.

She should be taken off the road before she gets even less lucky and kills someone.

OK, assuming this saga starts with the first 2, and there aren’t 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 editions to the story …

I would chalk the first 2 up to not knowing how to drive in snow, and not realizing she doesn’t know. Also, perhaps not realizing that it is OK not to drive places in bad weather. The TV commercials want to portray driving in all conditions as safe, but truth is it’s not. They are just trying to sell vehicles, not advise you on all-weather driving.

Around here there will be 100s of wrecks in a big storm. When you see a storm, realize 100+ people will drive today and have a wreck. It may cost some lives, some health, and definitely some money. It is OK not to take your chance at being one of them.

Her 3rd wreck was just plain bad driving.

My cousin once got in 4 accidents in a year, denting each of the 4 corners of his Dodge Dart. One accident involved a minivan full of nuns :smiley: But his insurance at that point priced him out of the driving community.

In all seriousness, I’d recommend your wife take a defensive driving course. With a private instructor if necessary. And show her the $$$ that her accidents raise your insurance over the course of however many years, because as I’m sure you know you will almost certainly take a huge hit for a while.

I had a co-worker at my last job who tried to console me after I was rear-ended on the highway during a snowstorm by saying, “well you know it was a really bad storm because even I went off the road in my Suburban.”

Those are the people who scare me. A police officer friend of mine once told me that 4x4s always represent a disproportionately high percentage of bad-weather accidents because their drivers feel they are somehow safer than other vehicles in bad road conditions. They probably all failed high-school physics, too. :smack:

This kinda hits close to home…my cousin’s Jeep Cherokee was hit this past weekend by a woman who blasted through a stop sign. The Jeep rolled several times; fortunately, everyone inside walked away with only bruises. And the excuse of the woman who hit my cousin? “I’m not from around here, I didn’t know to look for signs.” :rolleyes:

My shameful ‘retardo’ voice and gestures went through my head as I read this. :smack:

“Yeah? Well you almost became a permanent resident of the local cemetary.”

It sounds like Inigo’s wife needs to be driving something a little more *robust[/]. Something like a Saracen or a Spartan. :smiley:

I was once rear-ended by the van from the House for the Blind.

In my driveway.

Upon relaying this to my father, his first words were “Did you check the driver?”
The $500.00 check for the deductable arrived from their insurance before my insurance company’s check did.

At this point wouldn’t some kind of advanced driving courses (do they offer remedial driving classes?) be more economical, and possibly easier on your insurance rates? I’m not trying to be funny, but maybe a refresher course is in order.