My wife thinks she is pregnant

In nine months, we may have a little George Henry, or a Kali Victoria, or both if she has both a boy and a girl. If she has two kids of the same sex, I don’t know what the other’s name is going to be, because we have only agreed on two names.

I give you my tentative congratulations!

BTW, not to criticize or anything, but it’s not really the Doper Way to name your children without having at least one thread soliciting names. I’m questioning your loyality to the boards…:wink:

Well, I have certain names that I am obligated to use. Firstborn male in each generation is named George for as far back as we can trace the family, and I let my wife choose the middle name. I also promised to name my first daughter after my late sister, so I am using that as the middle name on my daughter (wife says she’s giving me one first name, I have to take middle on the other) and Kali is a name that appeals to both of us, for different reasons.

First off, Congrats!

Second, how did you guys do that? What hubby and I are doing doesn’t seem to be working! I thought I understood that unprotected sex = pregnancy. Apparently my high school sex ed classes were a lie!!

You know, you could do what I did and give kiddo two middle names…that way, your family is happy, you’re happy and the board is happy.

C’mon if I can commit to naming my next kid Canuk evil Leprechaun in honor of some of my favorite Dopers, the least you could do is have a name-thread! :slight_smile:

We just had lots of sex. We’ve been having unprotected sex several times a week for about 8 months now.

Okay, well I’ve been doing that for longer than you and nothing. Could you send me some of the water from your area? :wink:

Actually, there is a company that bottles water from my area and sells it…I just can’t remember the name of the company. It’s not spring water, just purified tap water…

Hmmm…worth looking into! :wink:

No, just the most pessimistic/optimistic scenario, and not outside the realm of the possible. My wife and I have living souvenirs of both times we had unprotected sex. (OK, there were probably were a few other times in the days immediately following our wedding, but our suspicion is that our son was conceived on our wedding night, and I’m not counting instances that occurred when she was already pregnant).

I don’t mean to seem insensitive to the frustration you and your hubby must be experiencing; just thought it was important to point out to the impressionable younger Dopers out there that you can in fact end up with a 1:1 ratio of unprotected sex episodes to pregnancies.

Potential congrats, there Badtz! George Henry Maru - gotta nice ring to it. Let us know when the package is confirmed.

Indeed it can happen the very first time. Especially with young, impressionable, waiting to be fertilized teenage bodies.

Kids today.

Or it could take two and a half years to produce a Chanceling. No luck forever then we took a vacation to New Orleans, got sloppy drunk for 4 straight days in August and BANG…