My wife wants one thing, I want the opposite (food related)

Today, my wife defrosted two chickens that I was saving. I told her, if you want to defrost them, just defrost one. Then, I can save the other for a special occasion. She didn’t comply, and defrosted both. These chickens are only on sale once per year, usually in January. The next time I can get then is 2012.

Would you fight over this? Should I? Why or why not?

What makes these chickens special?

Not to downplay the fact that your wishes were dismissed by someone you love and hope for consideration from, but if you have to **decide **to fight over it, it’s not the principle you’re enjoying but the fight. I’d be frustrated if my husband did something similar, but since it will benefit you both ultimately (or is she eating both chickens herself?) I’d ask for better consideration in the future.
You can get more chickens, maybe not at the price you paid or that quality, but it’s much harder to get peace back once you decide to fight.

I don’t know about fighting over this, but I would have a serious discussion about why she disregarded your request, and whether or not she appreciates the specialness of the chickens.

Unless the chickens really aren’t so special and you’re over reacting.

Was this the limit of your “communication” with her?

What reason did she give for defrosting both chickens when you asked her to just defrost one? Or did she agree to just defrost one then defrosted both instead?

Are you not able to afford standard-priced chicken?

Doesn’t sound to me like chickens are your largest concern.

No. It’s ridiculous - they’re chickens. Is this a trick question?

They have more chickens at the store. They do not have an extra good relationship with your wife for sale anywhere.

Although if they did it would be brilliant.

See, and this is coming for our resident epicurean sensualist, who’d have stuffed those chickens w/ a bourbon-soaked squab and wrapped the whole lot in dill and palm fronds before smoking it over a hickory fire till dusk. Even he’s saying they’re just chickens.

Even if they are the best chickens in the world, they will only last for about three months before the texture is irreparably damaged. The freezer is not some stasis machine that keeps food perfect indefinitely, especially not meat protein.

Cite: America’s Test Kitchen and my personal experience defrosting thighs I found at the bottom of the chest freezer.

My thoughts on the situation depend on the answer to these questions - I don’t think there’s enough information given in the OP.

Better show her who’s boss.

sorry, I would shrug, toss the second chicken in a pot and make chicken stock, have the pulled chicken spread on a cookie sheet and frozen, then tossed into a zippy bag for other meals.

It isn’t like the chicken is going to rot if nothing happens with it. You simply cook the damned thing and put it to use.

I mean, unless these are rare-breed chickens that really are only available once a decade or something - in which case, I’d grumble a bit, then cook the additional chicken into a pie filling that could then be refrozen for use when the guests arrive.

That’s why I can’t help wondering if this is one of those questions where it isn’t really about chickens, and turns out to be one where most people would emotively answer differently if they knew the real scenario. But that seems increasingly unlikely.

With out delving too deeply into matters best left, er, undelved,

if “Aunt Flo” had stopped by during the relevant time frame, I’d let it go.


Even if the situation is the chicken, this isn’t about the chicken. It’s about one spouse potentially ignoring, or at worst, willfully going against the request of the other spouse. But we need a lot more information than what we got in the OP to make any real sense of the situation.

I think chickens are one of those things that never quite rise to the level of being fight worthy for a couple.

Fight? You mean like a caged MMA deathmatch? Probably not. Probably wouldn’t even argue. But I might have a calm discussion, starting with “why did you defrost both of those when I asked you to defrost just one,” and then see where things went from there.

It sounds like you haven’t done this yet, otherwise I expect you’d have shared that info with us. It seems odd that you’d ask the interwebs whether you should fight over this, instead of just asking your wife why she did what she did. Was she extra-hungry? Did she think maybe you’d want to eat one afterall if she defrosted it for you? Did she forget? Does she have trouble counting to two? Maybe she screwed up somehow, and will apologize profusely when it’s brought to her attention. Or maybe she’s a vindictive harpy:

You’ll never, ever know unless you, ya know, talk to your wife.

Man, that would really defrost my chickens.