My wife's mom died yesterday

Kind of came out of the blue. She was 65, and although she was having back and leg problems they shouldn’t have been fatal. I think I know what it might have been, but I’m curious to see what the autopsy will say.

She was only 65 and would have retired this year. She was really looking forward to it.

My poor wife has been handling it better than I thought she would. Her sister came over to deliver the bad news, so they talked for a while. I was at work.

Anyway I think my wife’s sister and her husband will be handling her mom’s affairs. Both my wife and her sister are disabled and in wheelchairs, but her sister gets out a lot more often than my wife does, and I just started a full time job but I’m a temp with no sick days or time off, at least for now.

So now I just wait for the funeral date to be set, and to see how my wife does.

My thoughts go out to your wife and her family during this difficult time.

I’m sorry to hear it. Even when someone is in poor health, their death can feel like a shock, so it’s even more shocking when they don’t seem to be that sick. Best wishes to all of you.

We had to put my MIL in a nursing home; hardening of the arteries of the brain. Toughest thing I ever faced. I love the lady a lot; she was more a Mom to me than my mother ever was. My prayers and best wishes to you all - may peace return quickly.

That sucks. What a shitty time to go, too. When she probably had all these awesome plans for how to spend her retirement money!! :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear this – 65 is too young.

Thank you all. Yeah, 65 was too young.

My mother-in-law has/had a brother who a few years ago lost his son who was in college. He and his wife have also been battling cancer for a while, and now he’s lost a sister. I really feel bad for him.

My mother-in-law was always tired so something was going on, and a few years ago she got a blood clot which came from her leg (probably DVT). I’m wondering if it didn’t happen again, but this time it was fatal. But that’s just a guess and I’m still waiting to hear the autopsy results.

Blood clots…that’s what got my grandmother. I am so sorry for your loss =/

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all this. It’s sad, of course, but all the harder by way of being so unexpected.

If you don’t mind, I’ll say a prayer for you guys. . .

How sad! Condolences to you, your wife and the whole family.

Yes, 65 is too young to lose a mom. My condolences to your wife, and to you as well.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I don’t mind at all. Thank you.

That’s terribly sad news, Nobody. May you comfort each other in gentle ways that need few words.

My grampa died of a blood clot, too, from a broken leg. That’s the worst because it just can’t be anticipated.

Hope it all goes well with your wife.

Sorry to hear this.

Funeral is Friday. I’m going to try and get off work early. It’s funny, I called my temp agency rep. She’s really paranoid because me and 4 other people are learning right now, and she stressed that I let the supervisor know that I’ll do everything to make sure that I don’t fall behind. She then said there’s no harm in asking, but there is if I ask, they say no, and I leave early or don’t show up anyway. No duh. Gee, you think?:smack:

Anyway, I just talked to my wife. It turns out it was probably a heart attack. The cops said when they came in she (my mother-in-law) was in bed, and was awake when she died, but there was no signs of distress so she probably went peacefully. Apparently she was having kidney failure and congenital heart disease, which I was unaware of.

i’m so sorry.

may her memory be eternal.

Thank you.

Actually, I should clarify something. Doctors caught her kidney problem and were treating her for it.