My window had to be rebooted the other day

I have a Prius, and its 12 volt battery is quite dinky. When I was away it got drained, and I couldn’t keep it charged. So I took it to the dealer.
I’ve had problems before, so they looked at it and did a full charge. And didn’t charge me for it ( :stuck_out_tongue: )so that’s not my complaint.
As I drove the car away, I noticed my right rear window was open. So I hit the switch to close it. And it reopened. I parked nearby and tried again. I tried the switch on the door. I checked for obstructions. No good. So I turned around and went back.
Right after being told I would have to wait 3 hours to have it fixed, a service guy said he wanted to try something. He held the switch on the door down for a minute, and it worked. He told me the window had to be rebooted since it lost power.
Now I discovered that a TV in a hotel room that was acting up had to be rebooted, and when I asked people about their experiences I found that digital picture frames often have to be rebooted. I write a column about rebooting.
But windows? Really? I want window cranks back.

A problem with windows? I blame Microsoft.

I recently picked up a professional type scan tool. The kind that can tap in the the car’s computer and run all kinds of tests. For example, on my car I can use it run the wiper fluid, the wipers, roll the windows up and down etc.
I was surprised to find a ‘recalibrate windows’ function.
So much of what a car does is controlled by the computers now. A youtuber that I watch was fixing a window that didn’t work and explaining that it’s no longer the case that pressing that power comes from the battery, through the switch, then to the window. Now when you press the window button, it sends a signal to the body control module (one of the computers, usually located in the dash) which then sends a signal back to the motor to tell it what to do.

I’ve never thought about it, but I guess it does make some sense that it needs to be ‘rebooted’. Or rather, it’s nice that they made it easy (if you know how) to do and it doesn’t have to be connected to an expensive scanner.

The battery on my CRV went completely dead (as in unchargeable) several months ago and when it was jumped every light on my dashboard light up and stayed that way. I didn’t try to open a windows, but I suspect it wouldn’t work because it was essentially in a ready to boot state (think the Start Windows Normally screen you didn’t shut down properly previously). I had the car towed to the dealership since it’s still under warranty and after the changed the battery and did a reset, I asked the Service guy if all the lights coming on was normal and he hesitated and quietly said yes. I then asked if there was any way I could reset the system myself (I’m sure it’s in the manual somewhere) and he again hesitated and this time said no.

A few years ago I was taking the train from Montreal to NYC. Somewhere south of Westport, the train stopped. It just sat there for an hour. Finally, then announced that the engine had stopped and would not restart and that the northbound train would soon be along and push us to Westport where there would be buses to take us to our destination. Just a few minutes later the engine started and we continued on our way to NY. I asked the conductor what had happened and he replied that they had called Albany and the dispatcher had suggested that they reboot their computer!

I was on a plane that pushed back from the gate and then sat for a few minutes. The pilot announced to the cabin that they were going to have to shut the plane down and restart it to get it working properly.