My wonderful HS Graduation

I’ve been lurking for about 2 years and have decided to try out this posting thing.
I graduated about 2 and a half months ago, but I figured that it was a story worth telling.
I had the honor of being the valedictorian, but was really nervous about having to make a speech and everything in front of 3000+ people. The day before graduation, the principal lectures the entire senior class about how important graduation is in a very stern tone. My middle name is Virgil, and when the principal introduces me as Admiral Virgin Crunch, all my nerves are gone. I’m now just embarrassed. I wouldn’t have minded so much if he hadn’t been so adamant about a serious graduation. Well, maybe not, but it still irks me a little bit. Anyway, fast forward two months to when someone recognizes me in a store, and you can guess what she remembers about me. Ahhh, good times.

Wow, everyone’s got embarassing high school moments, but you’ve got a real doozy there. :smack:
Can you do a convincing wink and a leer whenever someone brings it up and say something sarcastic maybe? The good thing is, it won’t matter at all in a year or two, so at least you’ve got that.

Welcome aboard!

I can imagine that happening to me, and then I would try to recover, and fall flat on my face as a result.

“‘Virgin’, Principal Anderson? Hardly!” oh damn

“Thank you for the introduction, sir. For today’s graduation I will be talking about abstinence…”

Congrats on graduating at the top! I had to give the speech at my high school graduation earlier this year, and the entire thing is pretty much a blur now (I’m the type who can barely give an oral presentation in a class without fainting out of nerves). I almost collapsed while walking back to my seat afterwards. :smiley:

And might I say, “Virgil” is a darn cool name.

Thanks for the welcome. I actually had something to the tune of “don’t worry about getting married or having kids” that gave everyone a chuckle. I always thought Virgil was cool name, but Nightwatch and I seem to be in the minority.