My.Yahoo Bookmarks

I am using… Bookmarks used to be alphabetical, but now they are anything but alpha. How can I restore them to alphabetical? Anybody know about that?

Are you using the Yahoo! toolbar? Which version?

I have version 2 for firefox, but that is not what I was talking about. I have a list of my bookmarks on the left side of Actually, I have 156 bookmarks that used to be in alpha order. Bookmarks toolbar does not help me at all.

Here is a partial list of my bookmarks as they appear now:

Package Tracking - Avianca Express
My Tri-Care Prescriptions
TV Schedule - Digital
Books - Barnes and Noble
Clean Jokes 1
Colombia - Social Security
Consumer Reports
Court TV
Conversions Online
Search with Pro-Fusion
Greeting Cards - Greetings
Forums - Virtual Dr
Comics - Phantom
News - BBC
** Yahoo
** Facebook
Books - Amazon
My Tri-Care For Life
Comics - Fusco Brothers
History Channel
Avianca Plus
Comics - Wizard of ID
Comics - Blondie
Greeting Cards - Roadrunner
Greeting Cards - Invitations

Bookmarks are back in alpha order, so this post can be closed…