My young niece is now living in the backyard

My 16 year old niece and my sister live with me. We have a good sized place on about an acre, chickens, turkeys, country living near the city kind of thing.

My niece Cristiana is a quite intelligent young lady, straight A’s, debate team captain, etc.

So I come home from work and go out in the back yard, (which is about a half-acre with some trees, grass and such) and see a tent pitched near the turkey pen. I see Cris and ask her whats up?

She says “I am now officially against Materialism, I want to go live in a yurt in Nepal.”

I say “Cool, got a flashlight?” She says “Well no…” so I give her one and then she comes in and asks her mom for stuff to cook a vegan meal with in the solar oven we have. (The solar oven is way cool actually)

Then I ask Cris if she needs anything else for the big anti-materialistic move to the back yard, and she says “No, I got my cell phone and my Ipod” :stuck_out_tongue:

So I go out front and have a couple beers, and when I go back in, Cris is at the computer IM’ing, and I say, " I thought you were off the grid living in the yard? you know, anti-materialism and all that? She says, well, duh, I still have to talk to my friends!"

Dang kids. :smiley:

That reminds me of when I was about ten, and decided that I was now a vegetarian, except for hamburgers.

Is she still wearing clothes?

Youth is wasted on the young.

[narrator]And thus the world was introduced to the idea of “school intelligent” as opposed to “actually intelligent.”[/narrator]

Oh-oh. Actually, I just read an article about this in Southwest Secondary Education Quarterly. Sounds like your niece is going feral.

Here’s a link to the article “Feral Honors Students: Public Health Threat, Normal Adolescent Phase, or New Source of Grant Money?” It’s from the Fall 2004 issue, and you have to buy a subscription to get to the archives, but I’ll excerpt some passages that will give you the gist (if anybody thinks I’m going beyond fair use, call a Moderator and we’ll let him/her sort it out):

Does this mean she will be catching all her own food and forgo shaving of the pits and legs?
Youth is fun to watch.

I just had a vision of a nubile 16 year old girl sucking at a rabbit’s torn throat.
I may never post again.

And Mom should have said, “Go grow your own food.” :wink:

I see this phase lasting as long as the batteries do. :smiley:

Yes, because you don’t have any money to buy the really cool stuff and you have a curfew and you have to do what your parents say and stuff.

Or is that not what you meant?

HA haha! I’ve been whooshed – I tried to click on your links. Couldn’t believe it wasn’t the April 01 issue. Then I noticed the name of the poster…another dazzling effort! Touché!


My response sounds a little snarky! But I don’t mean it to be. :slight_smile:

Seriously? Tell her to check out The Farm. (Yes, they’re still around.) She can apply for an apprenticeship over the summer or just a visit. They have electricity and even phones and all the modern stuff, but they are big into eco-responsibility, self-sustainabilty and all the rest.

There’s no longer any need to put away the i-pod to live an less-materialist existence.

ha this sounds like my attempt to live in a tree to stop a motorway being built. that lasted about as long as my cd players batteries and my supplies of toilet paper and weed. i was going to try to defend the bizarre notions of my fellow teenagers, but really, theres no point. i blame all you older generation. you did all the good stuff.

Heh Heh.

I remember when I was thirteen and read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and then announced to everyone that I was now a Muslim.

The next morning my stepmother made bacon for breakfast and that was that.

She still teases me to this day.

Bumper sticker seen last weekend:



The King of Soup absolutely brilliant! Dopers y’all are gonna be so jealous of me. See, I’ve actually had the priviledge of meeting TKOS. Eat your hearts out! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought feral pretty much described all teenagers.