Myanmar/Burma elections 2015

Aung Syuu Ki’s National League for Democracy takes 90% of the vote. President Thein Sein congratulates them.

Of course, this has happened before, and the military junta said no way. What will they do now?

Apparently, they still have a system where the military is guaranteed one-fourth of the seats in Parliament.

Of course I hope that the army will allow the “disciplined” quasi-democratic system they set up to unfold, that Daw Suu will be allowed to work unmolested, and that neither side will feel either pressed or emboldened enough to do something that triggers a confrontation which could turn violent.

Then, that the new government moves to entrench democratic principles and practices, such that the next election cycle can move further still from the dictatorship.

Will all that happen? I have no idea.

This is a nice story, which adds to my hope.

The Burmese Junta – nasty thugs!
Are dissing Aung Syuu Ki
We’ll help them out, although it gets us
Into World War Three

Not really relevant to any current geopolitical reality, but, I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. :o

Wait, why did they have an election? Last I heard they were still controlled by the military and jailing dissidents like Aung Syuu Ki. Now suddenly they have an election?

In response to international carrot-and-stick pressure, the junta has been loosening up, a tiny-baby-step at a time, for several years now.

Interesting article: Burma: Democracy with an Asterisk?

According to an article in the New York Times, the junta actually thought they would win.


Did they use Rasmussen too?

These darned Burmese kids, none of 'em use landlines anymore!

Well, yes, actually, they . . . oh. Never mind. Thought you meant “landmines.”