Myers-Briggs Type

Does anyone here know about this

OOPS…I meant to say more…here’s a link to a test… It’s really interesting.

I used to assist a Psycholgist who used the Myers-Briggs test to evaluate how co-workers dealt with each other- I always found it quite accurate and a good way to understand others, as well as learn how to get along better…

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I took a course in this at my former place of employment. Pretty interesting. argues against it but I get the impression that the guy writing the article didn’t know exactly what it’s used for - seemed to be somewhat speculative and uninformed, IIRC. (Admitedly, I should go back and reread the article.) By the way, I am INTP (borderline ‘T,’ flagrant ‘P’).

iNTj here.

This was one of the most accurate personality tests I’ve taken. It really helped my eSfJ wife and I understand how each other thinks.

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General, eSfJ; I think that’s what I came out as also.

The last company I worked for gave everyone a test called a DiSC test - your basic personality test. It was easy to take, easy to understand and has done A LOT in helping me learn how different people think and work. Very good test - can’t remember who does it.

iStJ here. And (consistent with the profile on the page) I wonder how the results would look if instead of taking the test onesself, one arranged to have it completed by someone who knew the subject best?

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I really dig tests like that a lot. I’ve been tested on the Myers-Briggs a few times, and first I came out XXFP (yeah that’s right, I was right in the middle on introversion/extroversion, and right in the middle on intuitive/sensing). Later on, I tested as an INFP.

Some people say this test is nothing more than multiple-choice astrology. I can’t disprove them, but my personality discription really contained some amazing insights. For example, it said that I was the type of person that always inspired others to make wild (and wildly inaccurate) guesses about my character. Absolutely true. Folks who barely know me are always projecting weird types onto me.

One chick on a train in Philadelphia told me that I would make a great lawyer since I had such strong morals. I don’t think she was kidding.

A lot of the weird projections I get center on my concern, or lack of same, for other people’s feelings. Some folks peg me as a Caspar Milquetoast who always tiptoes around so as not to offend anybody. Others figure I’m a loud-mouthed wag who’d gladly crack a cruel joke just to get a laugh.

Anyway, one weird thing about Kiersey and Bates’ Please Understand Me was that it recommended you marry your opposite personality type. This seems like another plug for the old “opposites attract” platitude. I can see why it would be good to marry someone of a slightly different personality (introverts should marry extroverts, for example, although there aren’t enough introverts for every extrovert); marrying your diametric opposite seems like a recipe for total miscommunication.

E.g. ESTP says, “Let’s go out to that swinger’s club and get some cheap thrills with no pesky emotional attachments!” INFJ spouse says, “But … well…” and then breaks down in tears. Not exactly marriage-grade communication.

Another INTJ here. It really helped me to understand my ESFP sister. She’s not an alien, she just has a different world-map. :slight_smile:


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ESTJ - and it’s totally right. I especially enjoyed being likened to QEI. Very cool.

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ISTJ, for me - Guardian Inspector. It seems to be pretty accurate, at least as I see myself. There are certainly worse people to be compared to than Harry Truman.

Guardian Inspector would make a great job title.

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My results were:

Temperament: Idealist - NF
Variant Temperament: Teacher - ENFJ

So where were the descriptions?

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I forgot to say…I’m an ENTJ. My husband wouldn’t take the test, but I think he’s an ISTJ. My best friend and my sister are both ENFP…
There’s a group of people in my company who did the training on this together, took the tests, and now post their “type” on their nameplate. It makes it a lot easier to know who to go to to get things done, who has the best parties, and keeps you from wasting time on types that will frustrate. :slight_smile:

Wow, that was a fun test! I came up as Idealist NF and Teacher ENFJ

I had no attentive bars at all it was all expressive so I’d say that it’s fairly accurate. I’d rather tell you a story than listen to yours! That’s me in a nutshell.

Has anyone out here ever heard of or tried the Color Code? I came out as a flaming (27) red on that one!

A few very good friends and I used to play a game called “Incognito” or “True Colors” in which we had to basically guess how others saw us… actually I can’t explain it at all but it was really fun.

It might be very interesting if a few of us asked some intimate friends [someone who knows you very well] to take the test with you in mind. See how everyone sees you. Sometimes it can be quite eye-opening.

I’ve personally taken the Meyers-Briggs and other such tests many times and my results are always different. I am a little bit of everything, all rolled into a really weird burrito. :wink:

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I’m an INFJ. And I agree - this is one of the most accurate personality tests I’ve taken.

ISTP here. Why are you guys putting your types in upper and lower case? Is there a significance?

I took the MBTI while working for the State of Alaska and the guy who gave our whole office (8 of us) the test he guessed mine accurately with just 10 minutes of observation and 15-20 minutes of discussion.

I have the manual here somewhere. I was supposed to take it home for the weekend and return it. I missed the group discussion afterwards and was supposed read so I could ‘better’ interact with the rest of the staff. I resigned (totally unrelated reason than MBTI) before I returned and still have it someplace.

INTP here. I’ve occasional come up as an ENTP tho…

I don’t see how this compares to astrology. Granted, it may generalize a little, but it’s based on one’s responses to specific questions. This would seem to have at least some relevance to your personality. Astrology is based on when and where you were born. Where’s the connection?

eNTp here, “Rational Inventor.” This describes me fairly accurately. I also read the descriptions of the remaining subtypes, and over half of them describe me just as well.

I get the impression is that knowing my Myers-Briggs type is as useful as knowing my horoscope. That is, it’s interesting party talk, but doesn’t really mean much.

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