Mysterious Antarctic Animal

I read about this years ago and while I’m 99% certain its untrue I’ve never been quite sure…

There was an article about a new species found in Antarctica, carnivourous weasle like creatures called “ice-borers” that borrowed through the ice with help from hot blood in their forheads (I know…I know…)

They would attack penguins in groups by melting the ice under them and then eating them when they fell in…the article stated that a researcher saw this happening and pulled the penguin out with the ice-borers attached.

The final statement was that this might explain the mysterious disappearance of several people over the years.

A load of nonsense right? Just need to make sure :smiley:

Ah thanks…I’m actually a little bit disappointed, part of me hoped they were real…

I take it “pazzo” is Italian for “fool”?

A free italian translation program says pazzo -> crazy.

The thermodynamics alone are suspicious.

The creature pictured is in fact a naked mole rat. It’s best known for the fact that it lives in colonies composed of a single breeding queen and her offspring, a pattern common in hive insects but found nowhere else in the order Mammilia.

I clicked on this link thinking, “Oh please, let it be the hot-headed ice borer.” That was probably the best of the April Fool’s prank stories that Discover ever did (they did one every year, but this one had legs, I suppose…)

Oh well, at least you could some shoggoths in the Antartic. Now those are freaky creatures. :smiley: