Mysterious, beeping "restricted" calls on my cell phone?

I have had this happen a couple of times before. It probably happens at least once every two months, but this morning alone I’ve already had three calls from a “restricted” number, and when I pick up all it does it beep intermittently every other second or so.

I’m pretty sure it has happened on my wife’s phone before too, but not as often.

Are you getting a fax call? Calling faxes beep while they wait for the oher end to respond.

Phew, good thing you hung up in time! They’re trying to reprogram your brain!

Yep, sounds like someone is attempting to fax something to your number.
They either have a wrong number or are sending spam faxes.

Well, that’s good to know, I guess.

People send spam faxes?

Yeah, my office at my old job regularly got faxes for vacations and cruises.

Dear Og, yes.

I signed up for one of those free trial fax-to-email services, and told ONE person about the number, late at night, so I could receive a fax immediately. That person sent the fax and went to bed. So did I. The next morning, I had a spamfax of some dodgy ‘investment opportunity’ in my inbox.

At one time around ten years ago I got so many spamfax messages recorded on my cellphone that I had to change the number. And since such spamfaxes usually tell you to read the fax to get unsubscription information, and there was no way O could get the recorded fax message out of my voicemail to a fax machine, I was stuck. Changing my numbewr was erasier than trying to forward it to a fax machine and hoping it would work, and then discovering that it didn’t.

Your spamfax call probably had no caller-ID info, thus came up ‘restricted’ or ‘anonymous’ or ‘private’ or some such on your phone’s display.