Mysterious stain. Could it be blood?

I bought a beautiful old chair from a flea market recently because *the price was right *and I have a thing for weird old chairs. After I got it back to my boyfriend’s house I happened to notice a strange stain on the left side arm near the base of the chair. Incidentally, there is no corresponding stain anywhere else (like on the other arm). So, I’m wondering if this chair was involved in some sort of nefarious activity and maybe that’s why it was so cheap. Is there an inexpensive way to confirm if the stain is actually blood or maybe just chocolate syrup? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t hydrogen peroxide foam when contacting blood?


I have such stains all over my house. I’m a smoker and any bit of condensation on the walls attracts cigarette smoke, traps it in the water, and oozes down the walls until it dries. I’m constantly wiping down the walls of the bathroom (where there’s the most condensation) and other spots, particularly where there’s white paint.

My parents have an un-vented gas fireplace, which spews moist heat all over. Their walls look worse than mine and they’re constantly wiping up the stains too.

Without a doubt, my walls and my parents walls look like they have random creepy blood stains.

I can imagine your chair may have come from a wet and smoky place, where condensation built up on the wooden arms of the chair and trapped smoke.

Did you try wiping it off? In my experience, if it’s a really old stain and water won’t get it off, Windex will do the trick. If it comes off yellow or brown, it’s just cigarette smoke. If it comes off red - lookout!

Not a guarantee. Bleach, amongst other things, will also react with luminol and cause a false positive. If any attempt to clean the stain had occurred, you’d probably just obtain a reaction to the cleaning agents rather than to the stain itself. It’s about as common an element in TV shows as the cops using the luminol in the first place!

Do you see any cat hairs on the chair? It looks like cat vomit to me. Being the little hell spawns that they are, my cats like to jump up on the furniture to barf.

Actually, yes, the bottom of the chair has some kind of white animal hair on it. I never thought of something like that. Interesting. Projectile cat vomit. :stuck_out_tongue: