Mysterious Triangles

Well, to me at least. Watching TV coverage of the fires in our western states, I noticed many wires between utility poles have perferated metal triangles hanginging about 1/2 way between the poles. I’ve seen them in rural areas near where I live, too. Do you know why they are there?


If you’re talking about the same triangles I’m thinking of they are to keep all the lines equidistant from each other.

Or possibly to make the wires easier to see for low flying aircraft, if I may jump on Papa’s back for a moment.
Though 'round here, they are International Orange colored and are balls. So on second thought, I’ll go with Papabear’s spacers. I’ve seen those too.

Some time I jump in too quickly.

The metal triangles are present on the lines to keep them from oscillating and whipping in extremely windy weather.

When a line, or cable, oscillates under high wind conditions, it can tear itself away from the span supports, or simply break at a point between the supports–although the former is more common.

Other shapes have been used with varying degrees of success.

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EnigmaOne has the right idea. The devices are called anti-galloping devices. Their main purpose is to keep the line from (oscillating, whipping) galloping into each other. Triangles are used, as are spacer rods strung between the phased lines. The colored (usually international orange) balls described by ChiefScott ARE aircraft warning devices. They make the lines more noticable, and are found near airfields.

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Thanks…mystery solved! I’m one step closer to being ignorance free! I expect to be by the turn of the millennium…the next one!..Carl