Mystery geode thingie

Years ago on some show on the paranormal (probably “In Search Of” ) I saw a feature on a mysterous metal object resembling a electronic capaciter found embedded in an ancient geode (a crystally rock thing). They showed x-rays of it and it really did look like it might be something man-made. Anybody heard of this thing? Surprisingly I can’t find anything about it on the web.

Have you checked the hoax sites?

Maybe your thinking of the Bagdad Battery.
Its apperntly its a battery mad from a clay pot, that predates any use for electricity by thousands of years.
Cant find a good link at the mo.

Try this:

Its got pictures and everything. However, it does seem to be confused as to whether it is a geode or a concretion. These two things form differently; a concretion can form around a “seed” in less than ten years if the conditions are right. The “half-million-year-old” fossil shells are also problematical, freshwater molluscs have not changed all that much in only 500 thousand years.

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I would be extremely suspicious of a site that passes artists renderings as “X-rays”.

Here’s an address for you. He discusses the spark plug and other oddities.
It does mention the sparkplug near the bottom of the page.

Ok. Now that I have layed eyes upon what currently pass for “the truth” I beleive it even less. They could have atleast tried to make up some science mumbo jumbo details to attempt to prop the story up a bit. But as it stands, it looks like something out of “the weekly world news”.