Mystery Man Found Floating. Bizzare Tale Puzzles Swedes.

Not a good place to be, yet consider–


This guy is no end of a puzzle. He is also doing his best to hide from cameras. Something’s going on, but what?

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More, plus photos of the tiny raft.

I have Doper overload–I read this thread title as a bizarre tale puzzling rutabagas.

and now back to the thread…

Aaaand he’s changed his story.

Too weird.

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Just a question, but has anybody actually seen Michael Jackson in recent months? This could explain a lot.

This story reminds me of “the piano man” one in the UK a couple of years ago.

That story’s even more bizarre. You couldn’t make it up.

Nobody wants to see Michael Jackson. We shall forget you mentioned it. :rolleyes:

South African Update–

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Was he found clutching a well-thumbed copy of “Let’s Go: Skagerrak”?

Is he ever.

He is need of medical treatment. He is either deluded because of his experience, or his is simply crackers.

I find it remarkable that a person who has just been rescued from a very dangerous situation would have the general bull-headedness to not answer his rescuer’s questions.

The raft indeed looks like the ones that are made in ships for repairs or whatnot; I´ve seen plenty of similar rafts when I used to visit my father on his ship (merchant, cointainer ship)
As for the guy, either bonkers or he´s playing the International Man of Mistery to get some gain.

Maybe he had been reading through the SDMB and saw the advert for sailing in Sweden at the bottom of this thread?

Aaaaand it gets stranger

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I love the smell of stowaway in the morning.

Seriously, there’s got to be some reason why this guy won’t tell a straight story. I bet they’ll eventually find out that this guy’s got a warrant out for him somewhere.

Or, perhaps, he is a trifle (to put it in purely technical terms)…nuts.

Ask him about Henry Gale and see what his reaction is…

Mystery solved.

He’s a Czech citizen, bumming around Europe, sans passport.
Identified by his Mother