mystery Mystery author- starts with S?

Some recommended two Mystery authors to me just recently- both last names began with S. Both were unusual, non-standard, and had written more than a couple. One, I remember- was set in Alaska.

Ok, that’s not much to go on, but… :cool: :smiley:

Just a wild stab at it - Dana Stabenow?

Rex Stout has something like 70+ Nero Wolfe mystery novels. AFAIK (I’ve only read about 15 of them), none of them are set in Alaska though.

Was the non-Alaska one set in ancient Rome?

Sue Henry and Dana Stabenow both have series set in Alaska.

Oh, you said last names.

Just Stabenow, then!

I don’t think so- you’re talking Saylor?

I alreay have the complete Rex Stout- thanks!!

Dana Stabenow? that could be it…, thanks…