Myth?--Jerry Mathers killed in Vietnam

In “The Straight Dope” at, answering the question about the real lyrics to “Louie Louie”, it is mentioned that Jerry Mathers (of “Leave it to Beaver”) was blown up in Vietnam. This appears to be a myth. I did a Google search on ‘Jerry Mathers Vietnam Beaver’, and got the straighter dope on this at Snopes:

Hello astoops and welcome! Your first link above doesn’t seem to be correct. Is this the link to the article you mean?

Really? This was a myth? I didn’t know that! It doesn’t look like Cecil knew that either.

Recognizing sarcasm isn’t your strong suit, is it astoops?

Sorry, astoops. Didn’t realize you were new.

I’ve read that Paul McCartney is still alive, too.

In the original column, from page 316 of The Straight Dope, Cecil did write:

Then he notes:

Clearly here Cecil is recounting three at-the-time widely believed myths, before moving on to the often mythical lyrics ascribed to Louie, Louie. I.e., he was only alluding to the Jerry Mathers story as an example of the wild rumours that often take hold.

Bob Denver is still alive.,+Bob

Cecil is like Yoda sometimes, Astoops–obscure sometimes his sarcasm is. Mmm, yeeesss… :smiley:

Tsk, tsk! Now you realize that someone is going to take those “facts” and spread them around! And again we’ll all question, living or dead?

I remember (good grief) those lyrics and how the “adults” cringed and complained. :frowning:

Anyway, thanks for the trip back in time. :cool:

Duh? Of course Jerry Mathers survived Vietnam. Otherwise, he couldn’t have appeared in that two-parter episode of Married… With Children where he presides over a shopping cart race between the Bundys and the D’Arcys.

Bud and Kelly make fun of him for being Beaver Cleaver, to which he responds “Oh yeah?!? Well, at least my dad doesn’t sell women’s shoes for a living!”