Mythological creatures that could have existed

Top ten list of the most exotic life forms you have heard of? What time period do they belong to?

Is this thread about “mythological” life forms, or “exotic” life forms? I’m asking because many mythological life forms are not exotic at all. Unicorns, for instance, are very mythological but at the same time a very lame example of humans’ imagination - essentially simply a horse with a spiral horn on its forehead, plus, in some traditions, supernatural powers.

As far as exotic life forms in the sense of very different, biologically, from other life forms are concerned, I think one of the many relatively recently discovered deep sea species that feed on hydrothermal vents on the ocean soil are good contenders.

Your title doesn’t seem to match the question in your OP.

How about something that can survive radiation, cold, vacuum, and acid and even made it into the Guinness Book of Records?

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