N.P.R. Lovers Unite and Share Your Favorite Programs !!!!

This thread has a two-fold purpose. ( To properly fold, simply crease gently along the gentle crease, then fold in half. Bake at 350 for 90 minutes, and serve with a dill sauce. :smiley: ).

Purpose The First: Share your NPR affiliate name and station number. Mine is WAMC, out of Poughkeepsie, NY. 91.7 fm.

Purpose The Second: Share the things you love about NPR. The things you detest about NPR. And, what ABOUT Terry Gross?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the political leaning that they attempt to mask as neutrality. Their lean is my lean and so I’m not distressed at it, but I sometimes smile out loud in the car when I hear a story that struggles to shout out impartiality when in fact it’s got it’s own agenda. I think their field reporting is pretty much second to none.

The human interest stories I hear are sometimes deeply moving, and stories submitted by non-professionals tend to draw me in that much more. I donated once maybe two years ago, but do not donate regularly.


89.9 WJCT in Jacksonville. They’re doing work on their antenna, so they’re off the air from 9-4 these days. And the short time they are broadcasting, it’s Pledge Drive Season again. I quit donating years ago when there was a power struggle at the station and they screwed over one of my favorite local personalities. They switched their format to all news/talk with almost no music any longer.

I do like the Saturday lineup, tho - Weekend Edition, Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Whaddaya Know, Savvy Traveler, Zorba Paster, Prairie Home Companion, and on Sundays they have To The Best Of Our Knowledge and Living On Earth. I listen to Morning Edition and All Things Considered when I’m driving. Guess I’m not alert enough to pick up on their editorial slant.

I like Ira Flatow - he usually makes me think.

88.9 WDCE, Richmond, Virginia

My favorites: Morning Edition and Performance Today during the week. Weekend Edition, Car Talk, The Sound of Swing (a local program), Prairie Home Companion, Jazz in General (another local program).

I listen to Terri Grosse and loved it when she and Gene Simmons got into it.

WBEZ in Chicago, 91.5 FM.
They just started their fall membership drive and its is pretty low key, they have gotten good response from so called “quiet” drives where they let you know about it a couple times and do most of it online.

Fave programs?
World View
Thistle and Shamrock
This American Life
Wait Wait…

91.3 WGTE, Toledo, Ohio. It’s also the call letter for the local PBS Station as well. All Things Consitered is about the only source of news in the house.

What Do You Know?
Car Talk (Damn fun Web Site)
Music from the Hearts of Space
Shamrock & Thistle
Adventures in Good Music (?)

I know nothing of a Terry.

Detroit’s gem 101.9 WDET.

50,000 watts of freeform, world, blues, alt, electronic, jazz etc and ATC all morning.
And notice that its frequency is in the commerical realm, which is rather unusual for public radio.

I find TG’s voice very sexy.

So do I, lost4life, so do I. She looks like Tinkerbell, and has the cerebral powers of 11,000 of your closest friends. She does things with interviews that make me proud to be from Philly. !! ( She originates out of WHYY in Philly. ).

Carry on !

Various stations depending on whose signal is popping that day.

WVTU or WVTR often.

Car Talk by a country mile. Then all things considered.

89.5 KPBS in San Diego.

Pledge Drive is on right now, so I’m flipping away more often, but I listen to it in the car during my commute pretty much 95% of the time.

I dig Car Talk, Wait Wait, Fresh Air [though they stopped rerunning it at night so I can’t listen to it anymore], and I rue the day that my station stopped airing BBC World Service in the evenings.

Things I don’t like: Pledge drives and classical music all night (sometimes it’s okay, but since it replaced replays of the shows I can’t hear during the day, grrr)

I think I’d get more bang for my buck if I could listen to it at work. Then I’d get to enjoy more of the programs that they only play during the day around here.

I dunno which weekly show it was, but there was this adorable story a woman told about her youth. It seems that her friend woke up just as her father was putting a dollar under the pillow from “the tooth fairy.” The woman (then a young girl) went home and told her mother that she knew who the tooth fairy was. Her mother asked (of course) “Who?” and the little girl said It is Jenny Goldberg’s father Ronnie. From then on all of the tooth fairy note were signed “Your Pal Ronnie Goldberg.” I was moving the day it was on, and was very stressed and it was such a fun little story that it brightened my day.

WHRO/WHRV 89.5/90.3

I love my stations, they split into a separate music and talk formats.

My favorite shows are All Things Considered, Wait Wait Don’t Tell me, The Jefferson Hour, Thistle and Shamrock, Afropop Worldwide, and Latino USA. I’m a SAHM, and I credit them with keeping my brain in working order. I’m seriously considering building a shrine to WHRO in my house.

Khadaji, that was from “This American Life.”

I listen to 94.9, KUOW, in Seattle. I listen to Morning Edition every weekday and most Saturdays, and my other favorites are Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Rewind (out of Seattle!), This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, and Says You. I catch BBC when I’m in the car in the evenings, and other shows occasionally. I rarely listen to any other station!

To be way too picky, Prarie Home Companion isn’t an NPR show. It’s produced by PRI (Public Radio International).

WMUK (I think. Just moved here.)
Morning Edition, Car Talk, The Next Big Thing (may be only in NYC), and Thistle and Shamrock.

We’re members of WBST 92.1 (Indiana Public Radio at Ball State University) and WFYI 90.1 (Indianapolis.)

Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Prairie Home Companion, Writer’s Almanac, From The Top, Marketplace, Car Talk, Calling All Pets, The Splendid Table, American Routes.

WFYI also originates Nothing But The Blues and Indiana Week In Review. IPR originated Rock And Roll America.

Neither of our stations now carries Mountain Stage, dang it. That comes from West Virginia Public Radio.

I listen to WITF, 89.5. They’re mostly classical, but at least they publish their playlist in advance so I can plan what I want to listen to.

My favorite NPR programs are Car Talk and Whad’ya Know? (Yes, I know, WYK is PRI, not NPR.) Gotta get a good laugh in.


WGBH, 89.7 FM
WBUR, 90.9 FM

Car Talk (from here in Boston, and there really is a window overlooking Harvard Square that says “Dewey, Cheatem & Howe”.) and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

But my favorite is Says You!. I got in touch with Richard Sher (the host, editor and co-writer) a while ago and I’ve done some volunteer work for the show. Sent in some questions, but they haven’t used any of them yet. I’ve been to a couple tapings, too; Carolyn Faye Fox is absolutely adorable in person.

KUNI, Ceder Falls, Iowa, 90.9 FM & WOI, Ames, Iowa, 640 AM and sometimes when the cloud cover is just right Wisconsin Public Radio out of LaCrosse and Highlandville, Wisconsin. Ceder Falls is in the middle of its semi-annual pledge drive right now–in fact I just sent in an on-line pledge. Ceder Falls is having some trouble because the legislature has cut the budget for ‘frills" at the public universities and because their transmitter has been cutting in and out because the commercial TV tower it uses has been installing new equipment.

I depend on the morning and evening news broadcasts–I get up to the morning news. But I get a huge kick from the weekend programs–Car Talk and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Michael Feldman’s show, Mountain Stage, Tent Show Radio, Prairie Home, Thistle and Shamrock, Celtic Connection out of Southern Illinois U., An American Life, and Lord knows what else. There is some very good local programing although with the reduction in State funding there is a tendency to bunker up and turn into “Radio Free Sweden” by relying on classical and fine arts recordings to fill time.

A couple shows do drive me nuts. E-town, a combination progressive music and environmental protection show out of Boulder, Colorado, has slight appeal because it makes no effort at all to balance its environmental reporting. There is way too much talk- and- call- in stuff coming out of Wisconsin Radio but I suppose that it is relatively cheap to produce. Wisconsin more than makes up for that though with its Sunday night folk and old time radio shows. Wisconsin Radio use to have a program called, I think, North Country Notebook put together by George Voukellic (Spelling?) That was just plain fun. The writer- announcer died or retired some years ago but I’d like to see them re-run the show.

I used to listen to WGBH a LOT. All the time. I really loved Blues After Hours (local blues show), Eric in the Evening (jazz show), etc. I can’t listen to BAH any more, though… I was very sad to learn early this year of Mae Cramer’s death from cancer. She was one of my favorite radio voices for three or four years.

KOAC 550am - Corvallis, Oregon

I love:

Morning Edition
Talk Of The Nation
Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
Whaddya Know?
Sattelite Sisters
Car Talk
Ira Glass’ Show(Can’t think of the title)

I hate:

Pledge drives
Prarie Home Companion
Tech Nation

90.7 WFAE

I get excited when I hear the theme music to Marketplace and Charlotte Talks (I know, I’m a total geek.) I love most everything about NPR but…

I hate:

-The lady who does the cooking show’s voice
-The guy who does the News from Lake Wobegon’s voice, and the fact that he isn’t funny at all. Although he has been known to occasionally tell a decent story, notably one about him finding some pictures and love letters in the woods when he was a kid.
-Diane Rehm’s voice. Often a very good show but I’ve know centurions with younger sounding voices. How old is this lady?