NADS, G'Dope, and NIFSTD

EZ Boards were supposed to down yesterday as they upgraded to their new servers.

It’s still down.

Anyone got info?

I checked a while ago & the time was pushed back to “6:00 am PDT (1300 GMT) on Thursday, 4/29/04”.
Now you can get the main page (albeit a jacked up one), but the links still aren’t working.
I posted over on MPSIMS asking where all the G’Dopers were…nothing. Don’t know where the wankers are. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. I had missed the later notice apparantly.
Well, I’ll just hang out here then. And at Una’s. And FFF. And the Zoo. And LJ. And TVWOP. And eBay.


Well, I can view my account page but none of the links are on yet. And the boards are still off.

Guess I’ll wait til tomorrow…

The scheduled ten hour outage of the entire ezboard network has “due to unforseen circumstances” blown out to about thirty hours, with another nine or ten to go at the time of posting this. I am actually able to access G’Dope now, but it’s EXTREMELY slow and barely worth it.

Just keep trying (or don’t bother) as you see fit. It’s not as though there is going to be a day’s worth of posts to catch up on, so here and the Unaboard is probably your best bet.

NADS is back up, but its shaky at best. it keeps telling me theres a connection failure every 15 minutes or so, then coming back up 2-3 minutes later.

teething problems eh? and we pay for that.

I still can’t get anything on NIFSTD. Though I can now access my Inbox and some other links.

I’m sure they’ll credit us for the down days, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

This server upgrade better be amazing!

Goddamned EZboard is up and down like a whore’s knickers when the navy’s in town.

I got a better one - Nads is up and down more often than David Beckham’s pants.

That would probably be a lot funnier if I knew who that was. :slight_smile:
I hadn’t realised how much I used my own little board, but there are some fun people there that don’t post here. It’s kind of like a Sci-Fi conduit between several boards I’m involved with.

And I can’t even get a glimpse at it right now.

Oh well, that’s computer upgrades for you.

I, too am suffering withdrawl, NCB
Although it is nice to know what’s happening - I hadn’t realized it was an upgrade.


I STILL don’t have access!
I’ve reported via e-mail and their bug base.

grumble :mad:

I’m getting into two of the three boards I visit on EZBoard with no problem… NIFSTD is the only one that refuses to come up. Do you know which hub it’s on, NCB?

No. And now I can’t even access the Bug Base to see any replies to my question.

MAybe they’re going from the oldest to the youngest. It is a relatively new board, after all.

We’re ba-ack.

And they will credit me the unused 3 days.

No new contest this week. Will be back with one next week.