Nail Clippers, Fungi, Ringworm, OH MY!!!!

I just found out from a good friend that using someone else’s nail clippers is considered…a BAD thing.

I thought it was funny, cause I always asked to borrow someone’s nail clipper and no one ever had a problem with lending me theirs. That is, until just recently.

I started getting a discoloration in my thumbnail and it really looks gross. I asked around and I was told that it was fungi, something similar to atheletes foot. Ring Worm, tinatis (sp?) something.

And If your wondering how I got it…my friend who told me using other peoples finger nail clipper was BAD…I used his toe nail clipper w/o asking him. He told me he had athletes foot, but I thought whatever he had only pertained to feet.

I was wrong…now I got athelete’s thumb, anyone know a good remedy?

Unfortunately, lots of athlete’s foot remedies do not work on nails. Luckily, there are some new types that do. Just go to the athlete’s foot section and take a good look at the products. Make sure you get one that will work on nails. You may need to see a doctor as it’s hard to rid nails of the infection. You might have to take oral meds in addition to topical meds to rid yourself of it.

Most topical ointments don’t work on nail fungus. I would suggest going to the doctor and asking about a prescription to remove nail fungus. That way you can make sure it is good and gone! Fungus is very pesky and you definately don’t want it spreading to other nails. Fortunately for you, fingernail fungus grows out (w/meds) twice as fast as toenail fungus. Here is a site with good info

I got ringworm from my dog awhile back, and while IANAD I found that OTC treatments just weren’t doing the trick. Almost a month went by while I was using anti-fungal treatments and nothing worked.

After googling a bit I found a treatment that I decided to try. I read that if you use a bit of bleach, it should clear things up in no time, so I decided to try it.

I used a q-tip and put a few drops on, and let it set a few seconds and then rinsed it off. A week later it was gone.

If it’s under your fingernail, I doubt this would work, and if it doesn’t clear up in a few weeks definitely go see a doctor.

Sorry to ressurect, but I remebered something my doctor told me. She told me that if my insurance didn’t cover lamisil (for toenail fungus) that tea-tree oil has been known to get rid of nail fungus. I never tried it, but it is supposed to take a few months to work. That might be worth a shot.

The only sure way of getting rid of toenail fungi is oral systemic antifungals. Had to do a course a while ago, but it has lasted so far (fingernails crossed)

You have to go to the dermatologist, who will prescribe oral medication.