"Naked and Afraid" TV series, any versions with full nudity?

You know, where two naked people are turned loose in the jungle and spend a very uncomfortable 21 days to win - nothing. I ask because the show is produced in several other countries besides the US. European shows have the reputation of showing more nudity then US shows. We even have a series called “Naked and Afraid -Uncensored” but well, it isn’t.

Meh, I’ll hold out for the “Oiled, Naked, and Afraid” series down the road.

PSA… don’t google “Naked and afraid uncensored” .

That show is a graphic example of of what the Seinfeld show called “bad naked.”

I’ve never watched the show, but I’ve seen endless promos with digital blurring of the naughty bits.

You mean, that’s what the show is like? Someone goes to all the trouble to make a show with NAKED in the title, on cable, and there’s no nakedity? Seems wrong.

What is the difference between the regular version and the supposedly “uncensored” version?

Here in the UK ‘Naked and afraid’ also uses blurring.

If you want the real stuff, you can watch “Naked Dating” on Channel 4. This ‘features’ full nudity.

Maybe the blur algorithm is different.

Not directly related to the OP, but I saw an interview with a director or producer or someone otherwise involved with the show. He mentioned that each person is allowed to bring one item. Most of them pick a knife or lighter or something along those lines and within a day they realize that their one item should have been shoes/sandles.

Whenever I see the name of this show, I think of George.

Not much. I think all they do is add insights to various scenes from what I can recall.

I think it’s called Naked Attraction, not that I would ever tune in to such filth. Ahem.

Really? There’s no prize money or anything?

Likely a booby prize.

Naked Attraction proves that one rule of “The people most willing to get naked for attention, are the people you most don’t want to see”. They’re not old people at a nude beach level, but judging by people’s reactions on a watch-along comment thread I occasionally follow you only get about one person every episode that actually is noteworthingly attractive.

It’s not a show where you set out to “win” something. The only “prize” is proving to yourself that you can survive the elements in those conditions. Though a lot of the episodes it really just seems to be “Spend the first 5 days searching for food, don’t find anything, then just sit in a cave not moving for 15 days slowly starving until you depart on the final day.”

I think the uncensored version has stronger profanity.