Naked in public

Why is it that some people like to go naked in public? Is this a thrill to them or do they believe it is more healthy to go without clothes even in public? How do they get up the nerve to go naked in front of hundreds of people on the street like during the Folsom Street fair and Mardigras?

Since many of the comments on this will be opinions, let’s move from General Questions to IMHO.

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Not really an answer, but I enjoyed this article on streaking:

Wash Day. Nothing to wear.

"**Robert E. Lee **later sanctioned streaking as a rite of passage for young Washington and Lee gentlemen. "
Just some good old boys…

Never meaning no harm…

Been in trouble with the law…

Since the day they were born…(in their birthday suits)

Some don’t know it, because they’re sleepwalking, and are in for a rude awakening when they’ve discovered that they’ve been locked out of their rooms.

Do they think they’re having the naked in class dream?


I think that it has something to do with there suddenly being a time when it’s acceptable or sanctioned to do. I think a lot of these people would feel extremely uncomfortable if they were naked in a time and place where it wasn’t allowed, and might even be a little shy about their bodies under normal circumstances, but when it’s okay/the environment is supportive, they go wild.

Some people don’t care. It can be as simple as that. I know some woman and some men too, that refuse to go out in public, unless their hair is “just so,” and they are correctly dressed.

I remember one time I was in New York with a friend and she was much overweight and it was really hot. So I said, “Why don’t you put on some shorts”? She replied, “You know with my build I can’t wear shorts.” Even after I pointed out no one knows her, she’ll probably never come back to NYC, so who cares what she looks like she refused.

So I think it’s like that. Some people are more self conscious than others

I do think there is a group dynamic, a lot of people willing to get naked in a group if others are doing it, wouldn’t do it by themselves.

A better question might be why do people care if other people see them naked? I know it sounds vain, but I work hard to stay in shape, and I don’t really shy away from opportunities to show off the muscles so to speak. I don’t parade around naked in public because I understand other people find this inappropriate, but I wouldn’t avoid a nude beach or something like that. I actually am interested, why do you (as in any posters reading this) worry about people seeing you naked?

I think this has a lot to do with it - when you’re in an environment where it’s normalised, it’s easy not to be shy. It’s like you generally wouldn’t wander around the streets in your bra and knickers, but at the beach, people are quite happy wearing bikinis.

I wouldn’t exactly be able to work as an extra in 300, though my girlfriend constantly comments how much she likes my body. I’m also white… very white. I try to spare people from the glare.

That would be my take on it too. If you asked me to strip and walk around my office right now, there would be no flippin’ way. But when I was at a clothing-optional beach, it was like “Hey, I can swim starkers? Cool!”

And then it wasn’t actually a “thrill” like I was expecting to be stared at or the center of attention, because almost everyone was in the buff, it was more that I got to do something I’m not normally able to do: which is loaf in the sun and swim starkers. It was more that “different” was a cool change from “the usual” experience.


I also come to realize that there are certain parts of my body that see direct sunlight for all of about 2 hours a year. It’d be a shame to deprive them of that.

I also have an epiphany when I go. My normal thoughts are that beautiful women are beautiful. At a nude beach my thoughts then go from beautiful naked woman are beautiful to women are beautiful to people are beautiful. I end up letting go of all judgements about what beauty is, and realize that in all of our various shapes, sizes, and wrinklinesses, we are, as a species, beautiful.

I always leave there with more enlightened view of humanity.

I’m an American but have lived in Germany for the past four years. Two years ago I, through a friend, discovered the German Spa. Large, fancy in many cases, spas that have hot tubs, saunas, swimming pool and all that … all of it in the buff. It was weird the first time for the first 5 minutes or so but after that … meh.

It did make me think for a bit about why we’re so conscious about being naked in front of others but the spas are so relaxing the question soon left my mind.

For what it’s worth they Spas have all ages, all shapes, all sizes … you name it. I’ve never witnessed anything remotely sexual going on at one of them (not to say it doesn’t happen). I do know it’s a big part of the German culture (can anyone chime in about other European countries … I know some do).

Me and my SO are addicted … thinking about going again this weekend infact.

I know this drifts away from the OPs question. I think Folsom Street fair and Mardigras are more the thrill, daring aspect IMHO. There are certainly plenty of websites that cater to (I assume) men that find this sexually appealing.

Those bits need sunscreen like you wouldn’t believe! I nearly roasted my weanie!

Having endured many medical procedures at one period I finally wouldn’t have cared if the public saw me naked. Since then I really don’t care. I would care if a picture or video was put on the internet as that is not an instance seen by whomever is present. The internet is forever and viewable by all the world to ridicule. Forced exposure has made me regard naked as natural and no big deal, but not necessarily desirable as in I don’t enjoy seeing something gross. A naked work place is not a place i want to work at.

Stay out of the porn industry.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I happen to know that article has an error.

Chrissy didn’t take part in the protest on Three’s Company.