Naked, tied-up, & reading a book. Buzzard bait? Newslink

So. Getting naked, tying yourself up, & reading a book attracts buzzards? Well, yeah, I guess it does.


And here’s his photo–

One for GQ, ain’t he?

So… does it work? Did it attract buzzards?
It evidently attracts students and policemen.

Perhaps one of them was carrying a buzzard.

Sounds like Joust, the greatest video game ever invented.
“Wave 1
Prepare to joust
Buzzard bait!”

I think he was setting a good example for the students, reading.

He looks like a buzzard shat on his head.

So, he stripped nekkid just to get his lance out?:smiley:

And here’s his photo–

There’s something about Mark…

He was wondering why a raven was like a reading desk.