Name a Yacht

My honey and I went on a canal-boat honeymoon and the boat bug bit me again. You would have thought I had learned. So I am spending time looking at (motor) yachts, the trawler type.

I suppose I would buy a used boat and it is “bad luck” to rename a boat. But what the heck, naming a boat is about 17% of the fun of boat ownership. Got any good ones at hand?

Remember, the only class of names specifically prohibited are those words likely to be used in an emergency. No **M/Y Taking on Water. **

We would sort of like a “Christian” name but only one so obscure that it would not scare away the civilians. (One we found already had the great name** M/Y Living Light.**)

Any good ideas?

How about “The Rusty Trombone?”

The Naughty Lass.

Shouldn’t boat names be personal to the owner and thus reflect something about their personality?

Based upon what I know about you, I’ll throw out Doper.

Probably would get a lot of attention if you’re cruising around South Florida.

I saw this in a thread a while back.

Unsinkable IV

The Sheik. or the Sheek

“Nailed It!”

something about the Fisher of Men, but I can’t come up with it…

King Fisher? Kinda “Fisher of Men” but you are naming a yacht, so there’s that whole “easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle…” bit.

Oooo - how about “The Needle’s Eye” or just “Eye of the Needle”??

…but I still like Nailed It! :wink:

M/Y Ressurection? M/Y Third Day? M/Y Seventh Day?

"Nauti Apostle"

’Sea Sect"

"Good Sea-maritan"

"Have Mir Sea"

What does “M/Y” stand for in this context?

Why do I feel like I am going to feel :smack: when I read the answer?

Motor Yacht or something.


Burning Dog

Cite for a WAG in IMHO? :rolleyes:

For the less inclined:

M/Y Salvation

I wasn’t questioning your guess. I was suggesting* “Cite?”* as a name for the boat.


BOAT - Break Out Another Thousand
The Wet Spot - Already taken but if you’re not anyplace close to Annapolis no one will know
Banhammer - cause that is a cool name