Name Change - bernard to Glitch

Well, since many of you have fancy schmancy user ids and I was just using my plain old boring last name, I have decided to get a new user id (namely Glitch).

So, you won’t be seeing any posts from bernard any longer.

In case, you are wondering, Glitch is the name of the device (key tool) from ReBoot the television show. Love that show.

Just what we need, another “glitch” in the system. :).

gl**:enda, the good w:**itch

Fold at the dotted lines for a secret screen name.

Chief, you’ve been reading too much “Mad” magazine (or was that fold thingy from “Cracked”?)
Carry on.

How did you change your name? I want to change my user name, but it won’t let me. Did you have to give them a different e-mail address?

I know, I should be asking this in ABOUT THESE BOARDS.

I just re-registered under a new id. You may need to supply a different email address (fortunately I have several:

  • work address #1
  • work address #2
  • home address
  • dummy address (for places that may sell to spammers)
  • my-anywhere-in-the-world address)

It’s bernard, just under new management