Name change help needed!

I talked to a lawyer today about doing some paperwork to legally change my surname from my mother’s first husband’s name (who isn’t my father).

I didn’t think there’d be any problem seeing as how I’m a legal adult, but according to him my mother would have to sign the papers or be summoned to sign. I was horrified to say the least, as I don’t want my psycho-hosebeast of a mother to know what my name is going to be, nor do I want to have her involved with me in any capacity. I told him this, and he said he’d look it over for loopholes.

The lawyer said that the mother has to sign regardless of how old the name-changer is, unless she’s dead, and my mother wouldn’t do me that big a favor. All I want is to have my surname changed, is that too much to ask? My aunt suggested getting married and changing it that way, but I’d have to marry one of my cousins to get the name I want, and I’d rather not bother.

So I’m asking any Dopers out there to PLEASE help me and maybe point out a convinient loophole somewhere. There must be some way around this gawdawful law.


Mississippi name Change Law. Also forms and other info you need to do it.

That doesn’t sound right.

Ask the lawyer to show you the law requiring the signature.

Your name belongs to you, and you’re an adult.