Name Change-Kinda legal question

I’m thinking about changing my name, legally. Reading up on it on the Internet, I kind of get the idea that certain names will not fly: I cannot name myself Kim Kardashian or Brad Pitt, and offensive names are not allowed, etc… So, file with the county, pay the court fee, and wait for a court date.
So, the judge has some discretion on these things. OK by me. But, say I accidentally choose, as my new name, the name of some super big celebrity, or some gangsta curse word of which I have never heard, but, just about everybody else in the world knows, and the judge says “no way”.
Question: Will the judge allow me to amend my choice, in court, or will I have to re-file and pay the extra court charges?


Why not? There can be more than one person with the same name. Unless your intent is to commit some sort of fraud or identity theft, you can name yourself Brad Pitt, Kim Kardassian, or Barack Hussein Obama for all the law cares.
Kim Kardassian? Is that a Star Trek alien with a huge ass and a sex tape? lol

IANAL, but I’m guessing that the judge probably would not agree to a different name on the spot. When I changed my name after my divorce, one of the required steps was to post the motion for name change on a bulletin board in the courthouse for two weeks, to allow anyone to file an objection to my choice. It was required by statute. I don’t think the judge could just waive that requirement if that is also required in your state. I’m in Oregon, by the way.