Name change

Having grown weary of being Ballybay, I’m now Fionn.

I’ve been thinking of changing mine to Authoritarian so I could entertain a different set of hypotheticals for a while. Hmmm… What’s the authoritarian equivalent of giant sentient squids emerging from the ocean floor and claiming ownership of property? Giant sentient cockroaches who emerge from caves and claim authority to govern maybe?

Glad I paused to check this thread. OK, now I’m reprogrammed. Carry on **Fionn{/b] (it’s like learning math - now that I’ve typed it I should remember).

Good for you.

You know the cool kids change their names whenever it pleases them. You’re cool like that Fionn.

The Mermaid whe started out very briefly as Mojo57. That was so five minutes ago. :smiley:

Dem…nah, too easy.

Re-welcome, Fionn.

How do you pronounce that? Is it Fi, as in fee-fi-fo-fum, or FI as in fee-fi-fo-fum? I’m always curious as to how to pronounce names properly so I don’t make an ass out of myself (I have many other ways of doing that). It’s like DI-anna, or DEE-anna (both being spelled dianna, you get the picture).

Um, Elvis, you do know that the Board doesn’t have voice-to-text capabilities yet, right? Those voices you’re hearing? They’re not Dopers.


I was shortly considering changing my name to Jay Gatsby, but I dropped this plan. I’m content with Schnitte.

You obviously haven’t been to a dopefest yet!

I always read your old nick as “Galway Bay.” This could take some adjustment.

Thanks for letting us know, Fionn. At the risk of appearing to get on your case (and that honestly isn’t my intention) I really don’t care for name changes unless there are extenuating circumstances that make it in the members best interest to do so.

The reason is pretty selfish. Without a face to associate people with, on a message board all you have is someone’s appellation. Any impressions you have formed become linked to that name, and I don’t like the idea of loosing them when the name becomes a variable.

Anyway, thus ends my street corner sermonizing. Cheers, and enjoy the new name.

This was actually something I considered before I changed it.

El Elvis Rojo, I promise I’ll get a crack team of Gaelic speakers to explain how the word is properly pronounced before Freyr’s going-away Batdope.

I think it’s “Fee Yon”, but I’m notoriously American in my pronunciation.


That’s what I was leaning toward. We’ll just call it Texas Gaelic. Sort of a brogue-and-twang thing. :smiley:

Cuimar a Tha Thu, Ya’ll.

MY name’s pronounced “Row-Ho.” Not “Row-Joe.” “Row,” as in “Row, row, row your boat,” and “Ho,” as in your mother (thank you Sean Connery). Just so all you non-Texans know.