Name Five: Episode 2

Last episode I derailed my own thread by editing my answer. I didn’t realize until it was pointed out to me that no one could tell if I fixed a spelling mistake or a wrong answer. The thread kinda petered out after the challenger DQ’d my post. So we begin anew.

No Googling. No editing. Stump your fellow Dopers.

Name 5 pairs of professional athlete siblings in the same sport.

  1. Pedro Martinez and Ramon Martinez
  2. Eli Manning and Peyton Manning
  3. Jose Canseco and Ozzie Canseco
  4. Joe and Dom Dimaggio
  5. Pascual and Melido Perez

Name the 5 ways to leave your lover listed in the Simon & Garfunkle song

1.Slip out the back
2. Make a new plan
3. Do not be coy
4. Hop on the bus
5. Drop off the key

Name five PBS regular series

Do they all have to be current? If not, then:

Sesame Street
The Electric Company
Masterpiece Theatre

Name five former Portuguese colonies.

Timor L’Este
Goa, India

Name five actors/actresses who starred in more than one Hitchcock film